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Five years

So Brexit

The court case continues and the LibDem conference has finished with a rousing call to ..erm .. the masses? Maybe not eh!

Jo Swinson looks set to lead the party to not entirely sure where. From the feedback I have been hearing the idea that Article 50 should be revoked without a new referendum isn’t receiving much support from the voters she needs to attract – Tory and Labour remainers.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand is again showing little commitment to any policy as he says he will “remain neutral”. What???? How does any policy have credibility if the party leader can’t get behind it and support it properly? I had begun to think that he has more backbone than I had given him credit for but guess what – nope.

Jeremy Corbyn only ever does what’s best for Jeremy Corbyn. As a career long back bencher that is fine – you only have you and your constituents to answer to but as the leader of the party you HAVE to be able to get behind Party policy and do what’s best for the party even if you disagree with some of it. This half hearted “if you must” approach lets everyone down and makes the opposition to the worst government in living memory weaker.

In other news the Labour NEC has abolished Labour Students because they are too centrists and asked for a new Labour Students group to be set up which is more leftist.

Predictably this has caused a row amongst the MPs at a time when they should be standing together rather than fighting amongst themselves . They just can’t help it.

And Boris Johnson is where? Who knows. Hiding under his covers until the court case result is announced.

Meanwhile in Scotland it’s five years since the referendum and the Tories are going all out to convince us there is NO interest in a second referendum. None, no one cares no one wants one and there is absolutely no majority for a referendum on independence anywhere. They have this on repeat even as they take their seats in and their salary from a parliament which literally has a pro independence majority.

They also are proposing a two thirds majority on any further vote which no one wants, at all ever. But if they did the Tories want a two thirds majority.

All this is of course because today it is five years since the independence referendum.

Five years in which we have seen austerity wreak havoc on the lives of the poor, the sick, the vulnerable. We have seen a Tory Government lie, cheat and steal the futures of our young people as they march inexorably towards a no deal Brexit.

Five years in which Scotland – who were assured of an equal partnership, a place at the table, asked to lead not leave the Uk – has been ignored, sidelined and dismissed.

Five years.

Anyone able to tell me why we are still Better Together?




So… Brexit!

Well what can we say. Yesterday’s meeting with the Luxembourg Prime Minister was a monumental car crash.

The state of Boris Johnson – failing to turn up at the press conference – was utterly inexcusable. He is a complete and utter charlatan.

Today the judges at the Supreme Court will begin to hear the two cases – one from the English courts and one from the Scottish courts- to decide if the prorogation of Parliament is legal. In the Scottish courts the most senior judges in Scotland said that, under Scots Law the PM prorogued Parliament for his own ends and that was not legal.

And what a carry on that has caused. Politicians who should know better suggested the Scottish Judges had acted under political pressure. It turned out that many people didn’t know Scotland has a legal system which is different from that in England and got a horrible shock when they found out.

It led to so many comments in the papers, on Twitter, on television about how Scotland should not be able to “interfere” in Decisions about Brexit that #FuckOffScotland was trending for days on social media.

As we start to find out see what the Supreme Court has to say we should consider whether Johnson will abide by their decision. He has, after all completely ignored the legislation passed to prevent no deal. And by ignore I mean he is like a child with his fingers in his ears singing lalalalalaaa at the top of his voice so he doesn’t hear what’s really happening.

He has produced absolutely nothing to begin to fashion a new deal for Brexit. He has offered nothing except rumour and innuendo to try to reach any sort of agreement with the EU and yet he and his party are ramping up the blame game to convince the fools that follow them that this is the fault of the EU. It is actually the fault of a bunch of deluded dandys, so used to getting their old Etonian way that they have completely no idea about how to even begin a negotiation unless it starts with “Now then – be a good chap” like some chinless wonder in a crappy novel.

What’s going to happen next? I don’t know! I am worried that this playboy PM is playing to the gallery and will allow himself to get to the point of arrest before he accepts the law and asks for an extension. Just imagine the reaction to that of the worst of the Brexit supporters. The Tommy Robinson crowd, the rabid right wing racist rabble we see fighting in the streets – they will deem him a hero and God help us all. The Tories – the party of Law and order!

Meanwhile in Scotland the Lib Dem’s have tied themselves in a right old knot. They have announced that they will cancel Brexit if they win the General Election because getting the most seats gives them a mandate to do that.

However, apparently that doesn’t apply to Scotland who on no account should be allowed even a second referendum when the SNP win the most seats as they did at Holyrood, at Westminster and at the EU elections.

Labour are hardly covering themselves in glory either. Richard Leonard continues to deny a mandate for the Scottish Government over a 2nd Indyref and Paul Sweeney hardly showed a great side of himself at the weekend when he tweeted he would like enjoy a game of “whack a sturgeon!” He deleted it and apologised but blocked people who criticised him about it.

The SG meanwhile get on with the job they were elected to do by us. Calmly and coherently and they are happy to be held to account at FMQs, at press conferences, on the news programmes, in the street, at surgeries, knocking doors. If you need to ask questions of them then you can. Scotland has an accessible Government.

Imagine what we could do with Independence.




And Parliament is prorogued.

To cries of shame on you from the opposition, condemnation from the speaker, singing in the house an unelected head of state, gave permission to an unelected Prime Minister to suspend an elected Parliament in order to prevent scrutiny when the majority of those elected representatives did not want that to happen.

What a farce, what a damning indictment of our parliament, our democracy and the country. In years to come our children and grandchildren will ask us about these events. We are watching history being made. It feels like the end of days, that something here has been so damaged, so torn that even if it is fixed it will never be the same again. The scars will remain for a long long time.

One of those scars may very well be the end of the Union. There are suggestions that the PM will offer the EU a Border in the Irish Sea to prevent the need for a Backstop. Remember this was dismissed by Theresa May as she relied on the DUP but BJ doesn’t have to do that – his majority is gone – the DUP makes no difference. Imagine if he does that. NI in the single market and the customs union, something the SG asked for Scotland to have and which was refused.

Watching Boris Johnson as he and Leo Varadkar spoke to the cameras yesterday I was reminded of the character played by Robert Lindsay in GBH where as the pressure on his character increased so did a variety of tics. What WAS the PM doing?

Not that it matters what he was doing, we have no say now. Parliament is closed for business. The voices of our representatives have been silenced and BJ can continue with whatever he wants without the scrutiny of Parliament. And every single Scottish Tory MP stood with him as he did that.

And Scotland? Well we have a functioning parliament which is getting on with business. The only fully functioning parliament in the UK. And STILL we cannot prevent Scotland being dragged out of the EU against our will. STILL we cannot prevent the silencing of our MPs in Westminster, STILL we can only wait and watch to see what happens next.

The Scottish Government has tried everything it can to prevent the economic and social catastrophe that Brexit will be for the UK. It has offered compromise, alternatives, consultation all the way through this process and tried to ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard as loudly as possible and Scotland’s interests are protected during this whole sorry mess.

In the 2014 referendum we were told we were equal partners, we could lead the UK, we were valued – none of that is true. We have seen businesses placed under significant strain due to Brexit – yesterday Isle of Skye Chocolate announced their closure due to the impact of Brexit. Our remote and rural communities are particularly vulnerable to the impact of Brexit and it’s effects.

There is only one answer, one way to change all this – and not just change Brexit so we stay in the EU as we voted to do. But one way to give us a say over everything that happens in Scotland, only one way to ensure we can control what happens to Scotland, one way that we can ensure that we can hold our government to account, be better, fairer, stronger and that is with Independence. We can do better than this.


Light in dark corners!

So…. Brexit

What’s happening today then!

Well after Boris Johnson’s address to the country yesterday – which was actually an address to the 22 or so Tory rebels.

Today Parliament returns and it appears there will be an attempt to put forward emergency legislation which will require Boris Johnson to ask for an extension to 31st January unless MPs have voted for a new deal or for a no deal Brexit by 19th October.

Boris Johnson says he isn’t doing that.

The noise surrounding all this is saying that Boris Johnson will call an election if he loses today’s parliamentary vote.

Boris Johnson says he isn’t doing that.

But we all know that what The PM says and what he does are two different things.

So everything to play for here it appears.

I’d like to say that by tonight it should be clear what the craic is but I can’t. There appear to be enough Tory rebels to vote down the government but who knows. There are something like 22 on the list thats floating around – unsurprisingly not a single

Scottish Tory MP is named on that list despite Scotland voting to remain in the EU. That will be because they know if there is a general election they won’t have a job. Personal gain before public good again. No surprises there then.

Of course it isn’t as simple as Boris just calls a General Election -we have a fixed term parliament act and The fab Emma Knox

Summed it up nicely this morning.

Fixed Term Parliament Act.

Scenario 1:

1. Boris seeks an election before 31 October requiring 2/3 of the votes

2 The rebel coalition vote for a GE and they get 2/3

3. Parliament goes into recess

4. Boris can then “by Royal Proclamation” change the date of the GE to after 31 October.

Scenario 2

1. Boris seeks an election before 31 October requiring 2/3 of the votes

2. Fearing 4 above, the enough MPs vote against a GE and it fails to reach the 2/3 threshold

3. Boris calls a vote of no confidence against himself to force a general election or assert that the house has confidence in him.

4. See 4 above…

Scenario 3.

If Boris and Dominic think they have persuaded enough Brexit Party voters that we’re leaving no matter what, he might just stick with a pre 31 October GE and the Tories will win an easy majority…

Meanwhile in Scotland today there is the Scottish Court Hearing to prevent Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament. That is supposed to start at 10am. I have my fingers crossed.

It’s also reported that despite being instructed not to attend any EU meetings even on devolved issues the Scottish Government has said “Aye… Right!” And is going anyways.

The Scottish Tories this week, Having spent the entirely of the Indy ref campaign saying Scotland wouldn’t be able to use

The £ have been tweeting in the last few days that Scotland HAS TO USE THE POUND.

Honestly you couldn’t make this shit up


(Note – Maggie thanks for the title x)

We’re Going on a Squirrel Hunt

So…. Brexit

We have had a flurry of announcements and news stories about the world of a post-Brexit Britain over the last few days as Boris Johnson nipped over for a chat with EU Leaders. So let’s have a quick round up.

Lots of organisations – particularly councils- are advising service providers like care homes to stockpile food and make provision for shortages.

Supermarkets have raised concerns that they may need to introduce rationing if smaller businesses use them as wholesalers.

These concerns have come on the back of the Yellowhammer Dossier I spoke about at weekend. In a parody of Yes Minister the hapless Kwasi Kwarteng who is the Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, was wheeled out on Ridge on Sunday. He dismissed the Yellowhammer dossier as “scaremongering” despite the fact that this was written by his own Government not three weeks ago!

In other announcements, we will see the end of Freedom of Movement immediately after 31st October. Lots of concerns about EU citizens who live and work here being refused permission to attend. People are shrugging their shoulders and saying settled status will sort it out but we already know that many people who have applied for SS have been refused – even after working here for years. The potential for chaos is here too and Priti Patel smiles her pinched smile and just adds to the anxiety our EU friends are feeling.

Boris Johnson has been told by Angela Merkel that there is no abandoning the Irish Backstop and any solution must come from the UK. He has actually come up with a solution to the Irish Border Issue already! Apparently he has suggested that Ireland leave the EU trading partnership and join with the UK. Bet that went down well.

The incompetence of this Conservative Government is eye popping. I loathed Thatcherism but even at their worst the Thatcher Government was not incompetent like this bunch of out of their depth posh Del Boys. The utter uselessness, cruelty and ignorance of this bunch of charlatans has led us to a situation where we are talking about rationing and fuel shortages as a real and measurable risk whilst they polish their silver and dust their share certificates whispering “my precious”.

Meanwhile in Scotland we are seeing preparations for a new Ferry link with the Netherlands, the Government confirm that the pension age will not rise to 75 in an Independent Scotland and the aim will be to lower the pension age not raise it.

However all these pale into insignificance compared to the annual Squirrel spotting over Gers which took place yesterday. Now I’m not going to dissect Gers as there is much better information out there about it than I have. However, I am going to make the same points I make pretty much every year. Firstly, Gers tells us nothing about independence and not much about where Scotland is now. The commentators tell us that the Scottish Government has a huge deficit by attributing spending by the UK Government to Scotland. As an example, Gers tells us that Scotland spend £3.3 billion on defence last year. Erm… where? How? On what?

Gers is as Gers does. It reflects the economic benefits of being part of the UK which apparently is a huge share of a deficit we didn’t choose, just like we have a Brexit we didn’t vote for, or immigration policies we don’t want, or a complete fool of a Prime Minister we didn’t select.

The deficit is allocated to Scotland and Wales by the UK. Which is why, in the biggest howl of “Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid” we see all year, Gers is trying to tell us that Scotland accounts for over 50% of the UKs deficit.



No Shit, Sherlock

So… Brexit

Well it looks like today might be the day the shit hits the fan.

Or perhaps we will all just ignore it and shrug and let the incompetent idiots we have put in charge get on with it.

The Sunday Times have today published what they call “an unprecedented leak of Government Documents”. This is Operation Yellowhammer – a dossier compiled THIS MONTH by the Government itself to identify the situation that the UK will find itself in if we leave the EU with no deal.

The report is behind a paywall as it’s the Times but it says the following

1. Britain is unprepared for No Deal and we are all so bored with it that plans are not a focus even where they should be.

2. They expect a hard border in Ireland. With all the difficulties that will bring – the dossier expects “direct action” – and we should all worry about what that means!

3. Border delays, disruption at ports are likely to lead to fuel shortages particularly in the South East

4. Passenger and freight delays at ports and airports which will be “significant”.

5. Fuel duty has been set at 0 and this will lead to job losses, fuel shortages and refinery closures.

6. Medical supplies and food imports are likely to be impacted and lead to potentially severe shortages.

7. Protests in our cities and conflict in our waters as fishing vessels sail into British waters

8. Rising costs in Social care, impacting small providers quickly but larger ones within

And these are just the edited highlights.

The most chilling?

One sentence which says “

Low-income groups will be disproportionately affected by rises in the price of food and fuel.”

No shit, sherlock!!!!

No doubt the extreme fringe of the Brexit supporting press and public will say none of this is definite and just scaremongering. Plan for the worst sort of thing and then you are covered.

What sort of Government takes these risks with its citizens – deliberately and in the cold light of day? What sort of Government accepts these risks to public order, to food security, to medicines and fuel when they do not have to?

This is like we are preparing for war. When actually we are preparing for the biggest vanity project the UK has ever seen. A project which will mean remember that “Low-income groups will be disproportionately affected by rises in the price of food and fuel.” All the while the super rich bankrolling this fiasco quaff their champagne and their fois gras and guffaw at how clever they have been. Ok, so that’s a stereotype but you know what – that’s what will happen. The poor, the sick, the disabled will face rising costs which will make utterly no difference to the Aaron Banks, the Jacob Rees-Moggs and the Boris Johnsons of this world. And they don’t care – not one single iota.

Meanwhile, in Scotland the SNP have signed up to a letter with others demanding that Boris Johnson recalls parliament immediately to allow these issues to be debated properly.

The Scottish Government have nationalised Ferguson Shipyards to secure jobs and ferry contracts. And thank goodness for that.

Yet today we see further the contempt from the UK Government for all the devolved nations – not a mention of Scotland or Wales. And utter disregard for the Good Friday Agreement and for the safety and security of its citizens in Northern Ireland.

If you have sat on your hands and shrugged your shoulders so far at Brexit. If you are tired of the endless to-ing and fro-ing and the name calling and the nonsense, the time has come to stand up and be counted. Write to your MP, whatever colour they wear, write to your MSP. Explain that this damage, these risks are unacceptable and must be prevented at all costs. Time to stand up and be counted! Get angry, get active, speak up!

For all those who say Scotland has a way out and demand that we should use it now – dissolve the union, UDI, etc etc – I think that you are probably wrong. This Scottish Government has stood against this Government and it’s nonsensical and dangerous plans in order to prevent no deal for the UK. It must continue to do so. It is the right thing to do. We cannot stop trying to prevent this catastrophe – pull our MPs out of parliament as some have suggested whilst a hard border returns to Northern Ireland and vulnerable people across the UK face food and fuel shortages. We have to stand against this because it’s the right thing to do.

However, we need a second referendum, whether we can prevent this or not.

If we don’t prevent no deal then an Independent Scotland is the only way to ensure Scotland’s prosperity and a fairer better society for all of us living here regardless of where we have come from.

If we do manage to prevent No Deal then an Independent Scotland is the only way to prevent us ever being in this situation again. Ignored, sidelined and forced into actions that will be a catastrophe for our people and our economy and are against the democratically expressed wishes of the Scottish people.

Hold on… it’s going to be a bumpy ride


Passing the Buck

So … Brexit

The new Prime minister and his cabinet ministers have been busy ramping up the rhetoric over the last few days.

Michael Gove said at weekend that the Government’s working assumption is that there will be a no deal Brexit.

Dominic Raab talked himself into a right guddle as he firstly said that he had warned of the danger of No Deal during the referendum campaign and then said it would be easier to do a deal with the EU if we leave with No deal. When challenged he said “this government has only been in place a week” – did he think we had a general election? This Government has been in place for 2 years and the fact that it has failed to progress this issue is a collective responsibility which they shouldn’t be allowed to wriggle out of.

Fact checkers at Channel 4 show Raab to be lying. There is no evidence he, or vote leave for that matter ever warned of or gave any credence to the possibility of a No deal Brexit.

And Boris – ahhh Boris, he is reported to have said that there will be no meetings with the EU until the EU drop “their” Irish Backstop demands. Firstly the Irish Backstop was a British solution which was put to the EU not the other way round. The cabinet have started referring to the Backstop as undemocratic, when it was negotiated and agreed by both parties not imposed on us by an inflexible EU. This is about shifting blame – passing the buck that Boris said stops with him in his acceptance speech. Making out that a no deal Brexit is the fault of the EU, along with a ban on bendy bananas and Kipper ice cushions – none of which are mandated by the EU.

But this is Boris’ get out of jail free card. Never mind that Vauxhall are set to give up on making the Astra here in the UK in the event of no deal, never mind that the pound is tanking again, never mind the damage no deal will do it’s all the fault of those pesky foreigners. Don’t blame us!

Reports suggest this is working – there is a “Boris bounce” which is putting the Tories 10 points ahead of Labour in the polls. Labour have said they’ll go full remain at the prospect of No Deal – definitely, just you wait and see, they are warning us (whilst of course continuing to squabble amongst themselves).

Meanwhile in Scotland Boris scuttled into Bute House to the sounds of jeers ringing in his ears and scuttled out the back door to avoid the same treatment. No Boris bounce here.

The Tories wheeled out a clip of Keith Brown saying “it was a once in a generation” opportunity and danced a jig in excitement only to find out he wasn’t talking about independence but the WIFI at the commonwealth games.

Ruth Davidson has apparently told Boris what’s what whilst Boris has looked at the Scottish Tory MPs and could only find one he could use. So he put the MP for Worcester as under Secretary for state for Scotland. As an afterthought he then appointed Colin Clarke (who? – he’s the MP for Gordon) but isn’t paying him. What? That’s right – the first english MP in the Scotland office since 1886 is being paid but the Scottish MP doing the same job is not.

Also yesterday, whilst the Beatrice off shore wind farm at Wick opened and will produce enough energy to power 450 000 homes, Boris announced £100 million to spend on Advertising for No deal.


The Boris Brexiteers appearing at your Parliament now

So… Brexit

We now have Brexit Boris and his cartoon cabinet. A Right wing cabinet of Brexiteers with a Home Secretary who supports the return of the death penalty and a foreign secretary who, as Brexit Secretary didn’t understand the importance of the channel tunnel.

Priti Patel and Dominic Raab. Gove, Javid. And the others – not least Jacob Rees-Mogg! How barren of talent do we need to be if Jacob Rees-Mogg is the Leader of the house?

This is a cabinet to deliver Brexit by deal or no deal. It’s is reported that all appointees have had to commit to a no deal Brexit in order to secure their posts. They have all put their careers before their country.

Even those of us who suffered through the Thatcher years have never seen anything quite like this cabinet of crap. Regardless of their policies the political heavyweights at the time looked, sounded and behaved like political heavyweights in the main (David Mellor and his Chelsea kit notwithstanding). They had a level of integrity and honesty which this lot can’t even imagine and we thought they were the worst. How wrong we were!

There are reports that this is a cabinet prepared to fight a general election in September. It will be interesting to see what difference the polls show in support for Brexit Boris and his cabinet of creeps, charlatans and connivers. It is being said that this cabinet will pull voters back to the Tories in droves!

We shall see.

Meanwhile, in Scotland NS has written to BJ to demand an independence referendum. We currently have a government we didn’t vote for, a PM we didn’t vote for determined to implement Brexit – which we did not vote for.

The SG has also announced that all universities in Scotland have agreed a way to guarantee care experienced young people a place at university of they meet minimum standards. This is a transformational policy which recognised the impact the care system can have on education. More support for the most vulnerable in our society.

Imagine how transformational we could be with independence. Then consider that we have to ask Boris Johnson and a cabinet that includes Jacob Rees-Mogg for permission to deliver many of the policies we want to implement to improve lives and our economy.


Rejoice …. or not!

So… Brexit

And we have a new PM. Soon a new Cabinet and the rest of the world is standing outside their front doors watching this shit show unfold.

Boris Johnson shouted DUDE in his acceptance speech and we were supposed to be impressed as he shouted that the E was for energise. Instead, as we were listening the passenger in my car put their head in their hands and groaned.

It struck me that placing your head in your hands and loudly exhaling with a groaning sound would be a good That might just be my default position for the next few weeks and months.

The EU have already said no further negotiations will take place.

The US President says Boris Johnson is Britain Trump. God help us all!

Forests in the Arctic Circle are burning and I was woken by Thunder this morning for the first time in years and we have Boris Johnson as our PM. It feels like a dystopian future I might have read in a book.

Meanwhile in Scotland we are exactly where we have been in this whole carry on.

Some of my friends from south have suggested that we SNP members must be “delighted” and that this will be great for the SNP.

None of this is “great”. Not Brexit, not May’s Deal, not No deal, not Boris – none of this is what the SG wanted or indeed the Scottish people. There are no street parties planned, no fireworks going off at the thought of BJ as PM.

After the 2016 Brexit referendum the SNP were absolutely clear they would stand up for what the people of Scotland wanted. That was to remain in the EU.

Since then they have done exactly that and more. Because actually, whilst we don’t want Scotland to be outside the EU we don’t want England to have to struggle with a No deal Brexit either. In WM the SNP have consistently taken every step they can to prevent a no deal Brexit and to push for a 2nd Referendum. They have organised amendments and court actions to try to ensure that Parliament is not ignored. This is because whilst Brexit is not only a disaster for Scotland, No deal would be a disaster for the whole UK.

The SG has offered compromise to the UKG. Again and again they have been slapped down, told they are too small too stupid too weak and too poor to be listened to or considered or compromised with.

The SNP have often been the strongest critics of the UK Government whilst Labour have sat on their hands, abstained and fallen out amongst themselves. As long as we remain part of the union, the SNP will continue to stand up for issues that affect not just Scotland, but the whole UK and it’s people – on UC, immigration, 2 child policies, on the EU, on taxation and on and on. Because that’s the RIGHT thing to do whilst we are part of the UK.

So no, there is no rejoicing at BJ as PM. No champagne at the idea of a No deal Brexit, no dancing in the streets

There is however, a quiet determination, a hardening of resolve, an understanding that this underlines the differences between Scottish Politics and English politics. There is a dawning recognition amongst many who were no voters that we are powerless to change what is happening as part of the UK and that Scotland’s needs, aspirations and hopes for a fairer better society are not going to be met by a Tory Party who ignore us or a Labour Party tearing itself apart with distrust and disagreements who refuse to work with us. They can only be met with Independence.

Whilst many of us are hopeful this will be voted on soon, we are fearful of what happens in the meantime to us all and in the long term to our neighbours and friends in the rest of the UK. The SNP have worked as hard as they can to prevent what is happening now – a hard Brexit, a no deal Brexit, Boris Johnson as PM not just for Scotland but for the whole of the UK.

It hasn’t worked.


By Jove it’s a Kipper!

So…. Brexit!

Boris Johnson yesterday assured us that we would have clean water and Mars Bars in his speech at a Tory Hustings. Im so glad about that. I was awake at 3.30am today and it fair put my mind at rest.

He also waved a kipper around and complained that the EU makes a Manx smoker put an ice pillow in his packaging. He failed to point out that the Isle of Man is not in the EU but chooses to follow their rules so as to trade with them.


He also spoke on Peston last night saying that he would embark on a campaign of public information – that telling people no deal will be fine – just fine actually – will help in any way at all. And who trusts him to tell the truth anyway? He is a liar and he knows it – we know it too. Even those Tory members voting for him know it. Unfortunately it makes not one iota of difference as they or their crosses in the box beside his name. Lying is acceptable to those Members as a means of getting Brexit at any cost.

And where is Jeremy Hunt? Who knows – nowhere it seems! I’ll be very surprised if he produces a result in which he pips Boris to the post. The only reason he hasn’t bowed out already is that he is the patsy to prevent Boris being elected unopposed.

All this and we can see the pound is currently the worst performing major currency in the world, London house prices are falling, the Office for Budget Responsibility are forecasting a recession next year with a no deal Brexit and the economy to shrink by 3%.

Yet Boris waves a kipper around and they cheer – they cheer!

Meanwhile in Scotland it is reported that house prices are rising. Despite concerted efforts to persuade us that the threat of Indyref2 is affecting our economy. The biggest risk to our economy is from Brexit. The possibility that Scotland remains in the EU as an independent nation is actually quite an attractive one to many organisations.

The Tories here are also lining up to support Boris Johnson. No surprises there. However, Every Tory MP represents an area of Scotland that voted to remain in the EU. Every Tory MSP the same. A reminder that every single one of Scotland’s counting areas voted to remain in the EU.

And yet here they are queuing up to shackle Scotland to the hardest Brexit Policy there is with a disregard for Scotland’s future that we usually see them reserve for poor people and benefit claimants.

Ruth Davidson can only watch and add her voice to those supporting Boris Johnson and see her beloved union slipping through her fingers.


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