I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

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So…. Brexit

The Labour Party NEC meet today to decide on Labour’s Brexit policy.

They agreed at their conference which people were able to watch on the tv that if there was a failure to agree a deal or a no deal Brexit Labour would call for a General Election. However it was also agreed that if Labour cannot force a GE the party “ “must support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote”.

There has been a bit of a row over EU election leaflets that were printed without reference to a confirmatory referendum and on Sunday we were being told by commentators that the big unions Unison, Usdaw, GMB were not supporting a commitment to a people’s vote but by Yesterday we were being told that they WERE supporting a commitment to a people’s vote. So who knows? I bloody don’t.

We also heard there’s a “new Optimism” in the cross party talks. Did you laugh? I did! A new Optimism…. THERE IS NOTHING OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THIS WHOLE RIDICULOUS CARRY ON.

Labour can’t agree with Labour and Tories can’t agree with Tories. Tory activists are refusing to campaign for the EU elections and every single labour voter and member I speak to looks down at the floor and has no clue what’s going on either.

Meanwhile in Scotland we have optimism – we have it in bucketloads – you might have missed it right enough because the SNP conference from Edinburgh was not on the tv. Not on BBC 2 BBC Scotland, not on BBC Alba or even on BBC Parliament. The half hour speech of Nicola Sturgeon made BBC2 but nothing of the rest of it did. In fact as Wings over Scotland showed regardless of the searches he tried to do there was little sign of SNP conference or Plaid Cymru conference stuff on the BBC website. We get Tory labour and libdem conferences shown live – even when the Libdems includes about four people and a dog, I wonder why no SNP. The picture below shows you why not. They filled a 2000 seater hall.

It’s not good enough BBC.

We saw yesterday that the Tories are offering a three year visa for EU students coming to study in Scotland. When it was pointed out by John McNally SNP MP tgat Scottish degrees are 4 years the Tory minister said that students would have to apply for a tier 4 visa to finish their degree. With no guarantee of acceptance, and at significant Cost.

So again, no recognition of Scotland’s needs.

The SNP conference however focused on what is best for Scotland, for the people living here – all of us – wherever we came from. We heard there will be extra Payments for low income families when their child starts nursery There will be Help for first time buyers and

Regulations on short term lets to tackle housing issues. There will be an extra 70 million for NHS to tackle waiting times and there is a recognition of a climate change emergency and a commitment to listen to experts to tackle this in Scotland.

Here was an unequivocal clear and coherent policy on Brexit. How refreshing to hear that. A position upon which the party agrees.

There will be a social justice and fairness commission to look at how economic growth can be shared more equally in an Independent Scotland.

An Independent Scotland as an outward looking Internationalist modern democracy – A better fairer society for all of us.

Here is optimism.


A change is as good as a rest

So… Independence.

Surprised? Well let’s see, there’s not much going on just now on Brexit that we haven’t already talked about. So I thought maybe a change is as good as a rest.

Today in the Scotsman Pamela Nash (ex Labour MP and leader of Scotland In Union) wrote an article which says that the SNP do not speak for Scotland. So let’s have a wee look at that.

What does “speaking for Scotland” actually mean?

For me, it’s lots of things but it means making sure that the collective voice is heard, preferably from the people themselves. It means that the wide variety of views that any collective group have are represented. We don’t need a consensus, different groups have different needs. It means consulting widely and listening to those you may not agree with and it means challenging situations where you are being ignored and forgotten about. It means standing up for what the group agrees they want you to stand up for, even if it’s hard to do.

And so, perhaps not surprisingly I don’t agree with Pamela Nash. We are once again, facing an independence referendum precisely because the SNP have been speaking for Scotland and we have seen again and again that it gets us absolutely nowhere.

Brexit has been an eye opener for many. Time and again the SNP MPs have tried to engage WM on Scotland’s needs for Brexit, the need to protect our economy – reliant on EU workers for example; the need to protect our many businesses – reliant on the single market, customs union; our world class universities – reliant on international collaboration. Many many times the SNP and the SG have spoken for the people of Scotland – those on the end of the appalling Universal Credit, pip reviews, benefit caps, they have mitigated the effects of so many of WM policies that some of us think those policies have actually gone away. They have done all this whilst Tory politicians vote through policies which they know will damage all the things we have mentioned already and Punish people even further and the Labour Party sit on their hands and can’t agree about anything.

In 2014 Scotland voted to stay in the UK and I wrote about how we moved on in 2015 in a blog post called “Mad Bad and Dangerous to know” where I said

“it’s about working within our political system to get the best we can for Scotland and the rest of the UK.”

Brexit has shown with absolute clarity that we are unable to do that. It has shown that we cannot achieve the best outcomes for Scotland whilst working within our political system. We can’t even speak in WM without sneers, jeers and being told to go back to Scotland.

And so Pamela Nash and her merry band of Scotland In Union pals are wrong. The SNP is speaking for Scotland. The electorate empowered them to do so when they voted for them in 2015 in WM, in 2016 in Holyrood and in 2017 in WM. They are the biggest Scottish Party by any measurement you choose, they hold the largest number of Scottish seats in WM and in Holyrood, they have the largest membership in Scotland and the second largest in the UK, they are the Scottish Government and they are leading in the polls by a huge amount.

Speaking up for Scotland is exactly what the SNP have been doing. An independence referendum is part of that. It’s about giving Scotland a choice on our future having seen what that future may be like. All of Scotland – even those who do not agree with the SNP like Pamela Nash. Our world has changed since 2014 and we need to give people an opportunity to have their say on what happens next. On how that future will look.

We can be an independent Scotland with a voice at the EU table, supported by the rest of the EU nations, an equal partner – like Ireland – with our own voice, our own vote and control over our own future.

Or we can be Scotland – a region of an increasingly isolated, angry and unequal UK, dragged out of the EU against our democratically decided will. Where people like Tommy Robinson are chosen to represent us and Scotland is sidelined, ignored, and shouted down at every turn.

What Scotland does next will be up to us and in demanding the right to make that choice the SNP are speaking for the right of the people of Scotland -even those who disagree with them – to have their say and as a result they are speaking for Scotland as a whole.

The Pamela Nashes of the world don’t want Scotland’s people to be heard – What are they scared of?


What’s next?

So…. Brexit

Well guys nothing concrete is emerging from anywhere like “official” channels on Brexit.

However, there are a few things worth highlighting. Reports are that the talks between Corbyn and May have not reached any agreement and not likely to do so. I rather imagine that they are by now sitting across the table glowering at each other, having to put themselves through this for appearances sake with their teams sat behind them playing candy crush or texting their partners saying “OMG I’m losing the will to LIVE”.

In the meantime, the 1922 committee is looking at changing the rules so they can hold another vote of no confidence in TM. Remember they did that last year and so she is currently safe from another challenge for a year. Not any longer apparently. There’s a meeting on Wednesday to see if a rule change can be made. It’s incredible that she has stayed this long in the face of such division within her party. She must be in an awfully lonely place.

We also appear to be facing the imminent reappearance of the Withdrawal Bill to Parliament for the 7,345th time. No? It just feels like that. It’s suggested that TM will strip out the NI Backstop to see if that can make a difference but I think she could dress it up as a white fluffy kitten with a bow and big eyes and it would still be as appealing as last nights left over cold fish supper that the dog had a scoff at and slobbered all over.

Talking about division, the Labour Party has still not decided on their Brexit position. Several meetings of internal committees appear to have taken place, and the NEC will meet on Tuesday to finally agree a position on a 2nd confirmatory referendum, or not, well maybe, perhaps, who knows.

I’m also utterly appalled to see Tommy Robinson being touted as a candidate for the European elections in the North West. Robinson is a thug, a bully and a racist with criminal convictions. He is a liar and a disgusting excuse for a man. The idea that he should be a representative of the UK in Europe, that he should represent the hard working, plain speaking people of the North West of England, regardless of their opinions on Brexit, makes me feel sick.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Our FM made a statement to Parliament which said that we will have a referendum on independence during this parliamentary session. That’s before 2021.

Scotland, ignored, sidelined and patronised will not be dragged out of the EU against our will. It is becoming absolutely clear across the EU that Scotland will be able to be independent inside Europe with no fuss.

Of course the Tories were apoplectic and the deputy PM said no way will Scotland get a Section 30 order. Some obnoxious actor on question time last night said that Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland “must be kept in line” and lots of muttering about no appetite for independence. NS has pointedly remarked that “I’m not going to spend any time bothering about the diktats of a government with zero authority or credibility that I fully expect will be out of office before too long”.

Well we shall see. The SG is setting up Citizens Assemblies which will explore the issues facing an independent Scotland and how we begin to build a better fairer place for us all.

What a hopeful and empowering way to move forward and open a discussion on the future. What a contrast with WM and the way the UK Government approaches things.


The state of things!

Go on – you know you’ve missed this 🙂

So…. Brexit

A few things happening mainly we are seeing campaigning starting for the EU Elections.

Well. Except for the Tories – it seems many of their activists are refusing to deliver leaflets, campaign, knock doors. There also appear to be mutterings that Hammond and others are planning to cancel the EU elections and that will lead to us having to leave without a deal.

UKIP have unveiled some of their candidates. They include a bloke who was found guilty of posting a racist video of his dog doing Nazi salutes and was supported in court by Tommy Robinson and a man who ‘joked’ about raping Jess Phillips – a Labour MP. When asked whether he thought that was ok, he said “100% deal with it”.

Nigel Farage of course has started a new party as we have mentioned before. The Brexit Party. He got backing this week from George Galloway – That great(?) socialist. George Galloway has more faces than the town hall clock. He is a fool and a charlatan and everything he does is about promoting George Galloway. Im surprised he isn’t one of their candidates.

Change UK – remember them – the independent group of MPs are now a registered political party and is expected to field 70 candidates.

Three quarters of the Labour Party’s candidates apparently back a second referendum but whether the Labour Party does is not clear – as usual. They are however – at last – ahead in the Polls for WM voting intentions.

Talking of WM, a few things have come to light this week. Firstly the home office told Norwegian parents who live here and who’s baby was born in London, that their baby had no rights to live here as they arrived back at the airport. He has been given a three month visitors visa!

The home office minister Caroline Nokes has said that EU women who flee domestic violence should not get any benefits and should just “go home”. Ignoring that those women may have children and be unable to leave. Because apparently it’s just “tough shit” that your husband batters you.

Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP have announced their candidates and these include Alyn Smith who has spoken so powerfully about Scotland’s desire to remain in the EU. The list is of course (like Scottish Labour’s list) gender balanced and includes Christian Allard, originally from France he was an MSP and has been vocal in his condemnation of the way EU citizens have been treated by the UK government.

Labour produced a list of 100 policies which they want to introduce after the win a general election. I spent a wee while going through it and ticking off those we already have in Scotland. The ones we don’t have are largely cos they are reserved to WM. Scotland is way ahead of the game with progressive policies even without independence, imagine what we could do if we had independence.

The Scottish Government have also committed to continuing to welcome and fund EEA students regardless of what happens with Brexit.

This is how you build an inclusive internationalist country.

The sort of country I want my children to grow up in.


Brexit Anxiety …. Branxiety?

So….. Brexit

Nothing to see here ….the MPs are back in their constituencies. Some are saying they shouldn’t be having a break but when I look at the braying, and the booing and the shouts of “go home” that our SNP MPs seem to face every time they open their mouths, I’m glad they are having a break. It must be exhausting to go to work in such a toxic environment. I’m glad they have each other and I hope they are looking after their mental health properly.

Are some of you wondering why I’m wittering on about mental health in regards to our MPs? Well, over the last few months many people have spoken to me about the effect of Brexit on their mood and their mental health. It’s not been great. And we now potentially have to continue with this until October.

For some people already struggling with poor mental health, this relentless political upheaval really does make them feel worse, increases their anxiety and affects their quality of life. Even people who find politics fascinating are struggling. There is a sense of anger being quite close to the surface and some have said they feel sick, particularly as we face deadlines like Fridays.

Lots of people are saying how worried they are, they have been telling me they are struggling to sleep, staying up too late, worrying about price rises and how they will manage if their Carers have to leave Britain.

The rise of the far right is also causing distress for many of the people I speak to. Some of the footage on the tv and particularly on social media which shows some loudly proclaiming their hate filled views is really upsetting, particularly to people who voted leave. Several people have said that they didn’t expect this xenophobia and it is distressing to see it growing and becoming darker and more sinister.

All this contributes to a feeling of impotence and lack of control which again can affect our mental well-being.

So how do we deal with this? Well, for me I write these updates. It keeps me informed and on top of things and it helps to keep things in perspective.

For others it might be joining a group – not necessarily party political based, environmental maybe, campaigning for a local group, your kids schools parent council. Anything which gives you an opportunity influence or take part in changing things for the better. To coin a phrase “taking back control” of things is helpful in countering that sense of helplessness.

Some would say “just turn it off” or don’t worry about it but often that doesn’t help if your health is suffering. It’s just not that easy. So let people know how you are feeling, speak to people that you trust to give you good information and understand what is going on and to be gentle with you.

I can’t promise it’s going to get any easier though folks. There is no sign of an agreement with Labour on getting a deal. Nigel Farage and his ilk are going to be popping up on our screens as we gear up for the European elections and we will have to take our humour where we can find it.

Meanwhile in Scotland we may be moving towards a second independence referendum. Whilst that’s my own positive opportunity to change things it isn’t the same for everyone and I know others feel as anxious about it as I do about leaving Europe. We need to be kind. We need to be supportive of people who feel threatened by independence and by those of us passionate about it.

So here is my commitment to those of you who are going to struggle with a referendum.

I will answer any questions honestly. I will not ask you how you will vote and I will not start conversations about Independence which are designed to beat you into submission. If you have questions or worries that are keeping you up at night then I promise you can ask me about them. I will be gentle and kind and honest and I will give you space to express your worries and concerns and help you to find your own answers, whatever those might be. That doesn’t mean I won’t be robust and we won’t have really strong debates but I will never be unkind.

Our MPs are going to be stepping back into the toxic place that is Westminster, thankfully I don’t have to do that. Twitter is bad enough! I’m keeping my eyes on the prize because in the end I’m hoping for an independent Scotland as a route to a fairer better society for all of us. That’s a positive vision and a great place to start.


And Breathe…..

So …Brexit….

Or not Brexit actually. Thank goodness we are not sitting here this morning facing a no deal exit. Instead, the MSPs have not been called back to Holyrood and the MPs have been sent off for their recess to do constituency work.

Some people are furious about that. Today’s Daily Express complains loudly that they are getting a holiday whilst “we want Brexit”. Well, I don’t and at least six million other people agree with me.

I’m quite relieved that the commons is taking a break. I’m hoping nothing of note happens for a few days and we all get a break cos I think we are all of us heartily sick of this nonsense.

There are however a few bits of things to report. TM made a statement to the house yesterday. She was of course, suitably subdued after her failure to get the extension she wanted, she had a renewed commitment to dumping her red lines in favour of true compromise and cross party working. She spoke warmly of her desire to bring the heads of the devolved nations together as families should come together in times of great change………

Oooops no she didn’t! None of that is what she said. She made no sign of any movement on her red lines, she was her usual blinkered immovable self.

Did I fool you? Of course I didn’t -some things are just not remotely possible!

Yesterday we also saw the end of the work the Government has been doing to prepare for no deal. They have spent millions on this over the last couple of years. Any clues how much? Well the figure generally agreed is £4 billion.

£4 billion. And that’s just on no deal planning. What a monumental waste of money.

And some Tory fool this morning on radio four complained about the cost of European Elections at £100 million. I’d pay twice that to see the Tories get their arses handed to them on a Brexit plate.

Word is also out that the DUP have been meeting Boris Johnson and his “leadership team”. So THAT fills me with hope and expectation of light at the end of the tunnel!

And Nigel Farage is standing in the European elections for his new Brexit Party. My cup runneth over. Although do go check out his website thebrexitparty.com. It appears he failed to register the domain name. Led by donkeys didn’t though! Take a look what happens when you click the drop down menu.

Meanwhile in Scotland the sun is shining today. Holyrood is in recess so we are spared the ineptitude of Labour and the Tories at #FMQs. There is a sort of quietness this morning and a sort of relief. Scotland is breathing quietly to itself for a minute or two as we have stepped away from the no deal Brexit cliff at least for the moment.

It won’t last though. TM and JC are determined that Scotland will leave the EU along with the rest of the UK. They are not interested in what Scotland has to say. TM actually said at PMQs this week in response to Ian Blackford that Independence would have seen Scotland outside the EU! Like that argument will hold any bloody water ever again.

Nicola Sturgeon has said that she will make an announcement to Parliament after Easter on the subject of an independence referendum. So enjoy the peace this Easter, read up on everything you can, research all the issues that you are concerned about, start speaking to those you trust and get ready. It’s coming.


Another day another date

So… Brexit…

Well guys we aren’t leaving tomorrow after all. Anyone surprised? Thought not.

The EU have agreed to an extension of Article 50 to Halloween. Whilst TM wanted one until the end of June the EU offered the end of October for all the reasons we discussed yesterday. Plus probably the chance to see the UK in the TM zombie costumes for Halloween was too good an opportunity to be missed.

Apparently TM gave a one hour presentation which set out why she wanted the extension to end of June and then she was sent to sit outside until the 27 countries had decided.

So much for taking back control. In those 27 countries were several that are smaller than Scotland. Their voices were included in the debate, their opinions considered, their votes counted and they were part of the decision making process. Contrast that with Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom, sidelined, ignored, overlooked and so many attempts to silence our voices in Parliament. For those who say they don’t understand why people want independence but want to stay in the EU – there is your answer – as clear as day!

So this means that we will take part in EU elections. Probably the most important EU elections we have ever seen. Make sure that you are registered to vote folks. And vote for pro EU parties. This is especially important in Scotland where I will be urging people to vote SNP but across England too. Vote for pro EU parties and you take away the power from the hard Brexiteers. Perfidious Albion and her backing group of odd balls and misfits will be looking to see big wins for the right wing horror shows like UKIP featuring Tommy Robinson and his group of fascists, and Nigel Farage’s Brexit party. Mobilise to make sure that doesn’t happen.

There are of course calls for TM to resign – they can’t make her go as she’s safe for a year after the last attempt to sack her failed. She says she isn’t going, JC isn’t looking like a vote of no confidence is in his box of tricks either. TM is like that terminator mannie – the scary silver dude- every time a blow is landed she just sort of sucks herself back together and relentlessly marches on.

Meanwhile in Scotland our MPs took part in a debate on Trident. A self congratulatory debate on how wonderful it is that we have had nuclear weapons sitting on the Clyde for 50 years. How clever we are. Yayyyy for nuclear submarines!

The SNP took their principled stance against nuclear weapons. Stewart Macdonald MP spoke very well about the abomination that is Trident. They forced a vote on the issue which led to Labour abstaining and nothing from the apparently CND supporting Corbyn. Stewart also reminded the house that Scottish Labour Party have a policy to get rid of Nuclear Weapons only to be told by Wayne David who is Labour’s shadow defence minister that it “doesn’t matter” what Scotland’s Labour Party says this matter is decided by Westminster.

Nothing to do with you Scotland, you’ll do as you’re told Scotland, cough up £20 billion for nukes you don’t want Scotland, leave the EU cos we tell you to Scotland, sit down and shut up Scotland.


Perfidious Albion and the ERG

So… Brexit

Today the EU will decide whether to allow TM an extension to Article 50 -again! All the signs are that they will refuse an extension to June 30th, proposed by the PM but will offer a longer extension to end of December with the option to go anytime if we can organise agreement in the Commons before that.

Why would they do that? Well, Donald Tusk points out in a letter yesterday, how unsettling it is for all the countries of the EU to have this uncertainty. He reminds us that this whole pile of nonsense is taking up an inordinate amount of time, not just for us but also for the rest of the EU. Extending to end of December gives everyone a bit of breathing space. EU elections can take place and hopefully he says, Britain will have sorted itself out. There is also always the possibility that given a long extension to Article 50, the ERG and DUP will jump into line and vote for Mays withdrawal agreement, scared that it’s the beginning of the end for Brexit otherwise.

Tusk is also reported to have said to Macron that he should avoid humiliating Britain.


We seem to be doing that perfectly well ourselves! Yesterday we were introduced to a new Brexit character “Perfidious Albion” by Mark Francois. Twitter responded to this with delight and Perfidious Albion was trending for a while, and variously introduced as one of Jacob Rees Moggs children, the defence of the dark arts teacher for the new term at Hogwarts, a football team and an album by Motörhead. If Perfidious Albion was a Rock band they’d be bloody disappointed in their backing group.

Perfidious Albion is actually a derogatory description of Britain’s political dealings with the rest of the World from the 18th Century and specifically applies to England or Britain acting treacherously.

Add to this the sight of Francois quoting Tennyson’s Ulysses and standing behind a podium with a picture of Thatcher on it and you have to wonder how Tusk thinks Macron has any power to further humiliate the British Government any more that we have already done.

Talks between the Labour Party and Tories have sort of stopped? Im not really sure. Its like they all got fed up of the conversation and started playing candy crush or ordering pizza or deciding what they’ll watch on Netflix later.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Alison Thewlis and Drew Hendry get on with the day job of holding the Government to account for welfare cuts. Alison pointed out that Child Benefit is at its lowest level in the 40 years since it was introduced and Drew raised the impact of UC on councils like the Highland Council. A cost which all our council tax payers have to meet.

Richard Leonard was complaining about buses but doesn’t appear to know there’s an SG consultation on transport happening right now. I invited him to the meeting in Lairg to share his experiences of using public transport – think he’ll come?

Kirstein Hair (Tory’s) is complaining about broadband speeds -again, despite it being a reserved matter to Westminster and so underfunded by them that the SG is having to step in to add a massive amount of extra funding.

Ian Murray (Labour Edinburgh) stood in the commons yesterday and said “a democracy ceases to be a democracy if it can’t change its mind” then spent the rest of the day explaining why that statement doesn’t apply to Scotland. Not Scotland, Scotland hasn’t changed its mind, Scotland doesn’t count, I didn’t mean Scotland …….


Springtime in Paris Germany London

So Brexit …

She wandered lonely as a cloud

Over the red carpet and where she would usually be met by Angela Merkel there was only some bloke.

Theresa May is in Germany and France today to drum up support for her extension request before the EU make their decision tomorrow.

Last night saw the Cooper Letwin amendment pass into law so it’s now the legal responsibility for the government to seek an extension to Article 50 in the event of us leaving with no deal.

Important note – this does not stop us leaving with no deal. If the EU cannot agree the extension then we are out on Friday with no deal. Labour abstained on the only motion to prevent that happening completely when they failed to support Joanna Cherry’s motion to revoke article 50 if we get to 48 hours before the deadline without a deal. Today they are talking about revoke as an option. Why would they do that?

Well, there is something called the Bain Principle. It’s called that cos it was William Bain who confirmed it existed. This means that Labour will not support SNP amendments, motions or policies. Even when it’s the right thing to do. We see it time and again and here it is in all its glory.

So, despite the Cooper/ Letwin amendment we are still at risk of no deal Brexit.

Labour meanwhile are chatting again to the Tories to try to find a compromise and Andrea Leadsom said that the EU are likely to reopen the negotiations into the withdrawal agreement. Mark Francois says he should get another vote but doesn’t think we should get another vote. ERG member Jacob Rees Mogg says that if Britain is forced into staying in the EU and taking part in electing members to this (unelected remember we were told) parliament then Britain will refuse to support key EU projects, will vote down the budget and veto closer military cooperation. All the things they told us that Britain was powerless to do in the run up to the referendum.

Penny Dropping anyone?

Meanwhile in Scotland we have a Government who are supporting EU nationals to stay here and feel welcome. I know I know, I mention this issue a lot. That’s because it is fundamentally important to me.

If you don’t understand why then I suggest you watch last nights Despatches programme and listen to the abuse that EU and other residents of the UK have faced since the EU referendum.

Our friends, families, husbands, wives who moved here from elsewhere are facing a hostile environment as a result of the vote to leave.

Scotland is working hard to mitigate that, like we do with Welfare Reform, environmental issues like fracking, reductions in the block grant and the increases in tax relief for the rich in the rest of the UK.

Scotland wants the best for all the people of Scotland regardless of where they started out.

Compare that to May’s Tories and Corbyn’s Labour Brexit policies and think about it.


Is there anyone out there?

So Brexit…

Anyone care? Anyone out there reading this or am I howling at the moon? It feels like shouting into an abyss but as this is as much for my benefit as anyone else’s here we go. Depending on what you read or who you listen to this is where we seem to be today.

Tory/Labour talks have broken down completely or stalled or are about to deliver a compromise which offers a customs union which they aren’t going to call a customs union in order to kid on to the ERG that it’s not a customs union.

No free movement in this maybe Agreement, no single market, no second referendum and no Scottish voice. But TM and JC are both trying to hide an unpalatable fact – they both agree on Brexit. And yet the Tories are mutineering cos TM is speaking to JC and Labour are falling out cos JC is not committing to a 2nd referendum.

Sigh – in other news …

Settled status is working so well that the head of research at Ofsted – government department for the inspection of schools – has been refused settled status.

Geoffrey Cox – remember him? The most important man a couple of weeks ago?cox’s codpiece? Well he is apparently now saying “I just feel we have under-estimated its complexity. We are unpicking 45 years of in-depth integration. This needed to be done with very great care, in a phased and graduated way. It needs a hard-headed understanding of realities”

Well no shit Sherlock. I’m not a lawyer, a politician, a commentator but even I was saying this along with many of my friends two years ago- HELLLOOOOOO!

Meanwhile in Scotland

Scottish Government has been told there is no place for Scottish seafood exports on The priority ferry crossings but any surplus will be available for bids on open market.

Nicola Sturgeon has written to EU nationals living here outlining practical help from the SG to help them stay and get sorted with settled status.

The Tories meanwhile sat and laughed at FMQs whilst Richard Leonard asked about medicine shortages – shortages which are already being felt by some people and which in the event of no deal will only get worse.

They laughed.


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