I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Coming ready or not

So… Brexit

Oh God Brexit! Yesterday we saw a number of Tory MPs including Bill Cash and Jacob Rees Mogg demand that the Speaker allow the Withdrawal Agreement vote to be brought back to Parliament. The Speaker refused this on the grounds that it had already been discussed and without changes that can’t happen twice in one sitting. Much scowling and sulking ensued and criticism from the Tory Benches. The same Tory Benches, the same Rees Mogg and Bill Cash who feted the Speaker as a hero and defender of Parliament when he refused to bring back Mays Withdrawal agreement for the same reason which The speaker was keen and quick to point out.

So, today we see the Withdrawal Agreement Bill brought to Parliament. As a result of Saturday’s Letwin Amendment this has to be passed before the Withdrawal agreement is voted upon. So the plan is that they will shove it through in three days. Just like the Benn Act raved through so will this Bill.

Except the Benn act was a single issue act and this – this Brexit Bill – is a whale sized pile of legislation – which affects many other laws and regulations. It’s 115 pages long and has 125 pages of notes.

Already we have seen Steve Barclay the Brexit Secretary struggle over the details around exports from NI to the UK. And I’m sympathetic to that – cramming stuff and lack of sleep makes me struggle too. Being forced to acknowledge things also can be stressful and exhausting.

There are also clauses in this Bill which it is said will lead directly to a No Deal Brexit. I don’t know, I haven’t read it. But goodness me, it’s like watching a toddler playing hide and seek – head in a curtain thinking that because they can’t see you – you can’t see them. Coming ready or not!

There are amendments being put forward – customs union, second referendum stuff. And it’s quite clear that regardless of three years or going over and over and over this stuff, weasel words, promises made and broken, political affiliations changed and the millions and millions of words spoken and written about this we are no nearer resolving this issue.

Meanwhile in Scotland Parliament is in recess but the FM has requested that it be recalled to debate this Bill and the situation that Scotland is in as a result.

The FM has along with the FM of Wales, written to the EU to ask them to grant the extension the PM requested so that both devolved Governments can carry out proper scrutiny of the Bill, as once again, devolved parliaments are being ignored.

What a mess. What will happen over the next three days is anyone’s guess. What will NOT happen is pretty clear. The deal that Northern Ireland are being offered will not be offered to Scotland. The Scottish Tory MPs will not vote for what’s best for Scotland and their constituents. Scotland will not have their democratic vote to remain considered or even acknowledged by the WM Government.

Without independence Scotland will just be a bit player shoved out of the game by cheats and liars. It was ever this way and it will be this way again unless we change it.



Rolling Rolling Rolling

So Brexit …

Things are gathering pace this week again. Like the theme tune for the old tv series Rawhide the Government are trying to keep those EU wagons rolling rolling rolling towards leaving on the 31st.

The Government pulled the Withdrawal Agreement vote on Saturday after the Letwin amendment passed. Remember withheld approval until after the legislation has passed. They appear to be planning to bring it back as Dominic Raab has said they have the numbers to get it passed.

We shall see – several things could happen. The speaker could refuse to allow it as it was debated on Saturday and Parliament doesn’t allow the same debate twice in a session.

If allowed, then there are several amendments proposed – one to keep the IK in a customs union, one to pass the withdrawal agreement but only if there is a second referendum.

There is massive concern that if the Withdrawal agreement passed we will just end up out with no deal in a years time if no agreement on future relationship is reached.

These amendments are a sign that this Government is seen as untrustworthy and liars and many of these amendments reflect this – all of them probably.

Still Brexit just keeps on rolling rolling rolling…..

Meanwhile in Scotland, Joanna Cherry is going back to court tomorrow I think to examine the three letters Boris the Baby has sent to the EU regarding the extension to see if they meet the courts ruling.

In Parliament on Saturday Joanna Cherry stood up to make a point of order and practically the entire Tory Benches left the chamber. Scotland ignored again.

Labour MP, Paul Sweeney is having a right old moan about Nicola Sturgeon. Not sure that “Labour MP doesn’t like SNP first minister” is really news hey ho , but NS has said that Labour May very well be giving their MPs permission to rebel and vote for the deal after they said none would be expelled from the party if they failed to vote the deal down. Now Paul Sweeney is a master of passing the buck. He blocked me on Twitter for saying that the Labour Party abstained on the Welfare Reform Bill.They did, but according to Paul It didn’t matter.

This is what happens when you fail to make a commitment one way or another. Labour have been sitting on the fence so long that they have left us absolutely with no idea what they really stand for. It’s not unrealistic therefore, for the FM and in fact, the rest of us, to suspect that their refusal to censure MPs for failing to support the Labour Whip is a nod and a wink to them to rebel.

Paul Sweeney may argue that it doesn’t matter just like he did about the abstention on Welfare Reform but it does matter. It matters a lot. Especially to Scotland. It’s also clear that Scotland doesn’t matter much to the Labour Party, whilst they aren’t leaving the commons chamber “en masse” they are just as adept at ignoring the damage Brexit will do to Scotland’s Economy both in Westminster and in Holyrood. And failing to put the brake on just lets those Brexit wheels keep rolling rolling rolling towards a no deal.

They’ll pay the price for their dithering at a general election.


Emperor’s New Clothes

So… Brexit.

Just one or two things happening then.

Boris has a deal. It’s worse than Theresa May’s deal, it’s the thing that Boris Johnson himself said would not happen – no conservative government would leave Northern Ireland outside the UKs Customs union. They even passed a law to prevent that happening. Section 55 of the Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Act 2018, means that it is for the UK Government to allow Northern Ireland to be part of a separate customs territory from Great Britain.

It is also a con. This is Theresa Mays deal with a border in the Irish Sea. It is not new/game changing/ or a triumph. It undermines workers rights, environmental protections and consumer rights, because those things that Labour agreed with TM are not in it.

It is an Emperors New Clothes Brexit.

So today Joanna Cherry and Jolyon Maugham will ask the Scottish courts to prevent the deal being put before Parliament and put in place the provisions of the Benn Act. This will requiring Johnson to request an Article 50 extension.

If that fails he still has to get it through Parliament. So where are we? Well pretty much where we were yesterday, last week, last year and this time in 2016.

Labour won’t vote for it. Libdems won’t vote for it, the SNP won’t vote for it, the DUP won’t vote for it. There may well be some Labour MPs who will vote for it and some Tory MPs who will vote against. But we shall see what happens. I’d be surprised if it passes but as writing that has shown over the months – it’s anyone’s guess.

The EU are giving mixed messages on the extension – saying it’s this deal, no deal or Revoke but most commentators think they would take an extension for a GE.

Meanwhile in Scotland we can only wait. The document on the deal doesn’t mention Scotland once. The SNP MPs have proposed an amendment which demands a three month extension and a General Election.

So we wait, powerless, ignored, sidelined for WM to decide how they would like to make Scotland’s economy weaker, its people poorer, its society smaller its voice silenced and its influence removed.

This is not the best we can do. We can be better, fairer and with our voice heard as a progressive independent country.

It’s coming


The road not taken – yet.

So… the brink of a deal, a critical phase, cliff edge negotiations.

This morning it looks like the PM might just have got himself a deal. But at what cost?

It seems from the commentators that this deal will mean an effective border down the Irish Sea which will effectively keep NI in the single market and the customs union. You know, the very thing Theresa May said no PM could ever countenance. The thing that the DUP would never accept. Well, apparently the DUP were in talks last night to decide what their price was. It’s rumoured to be significant.

There is lots of speculation about what will happen if the PM gets a deal and what will happen if he doesn’t. The deal of course, has to be passed through the House of Commons on Saturday. Without the DUP that’s a struggle, hence the late night cheque writing sessions. It seems that Tory dissenters will vote for the deal, it also seems that Labour leavers will vote for the deal. However it’s being reported that Labour want to absolutely refuse Boris Johnson the kudos (?) of getting that deal through the commons.

The Libdems surely won’t vote for this deal as they are committed to remaining, but who knows and who knows what difference they will make. In fact does anyone really know how many MPs they have just now?

Meanwhile in Scotland, The SNP will not support this deal. Cue howls of outrage from Tories and Brexiteers. If this is the deal – and by lunchtime it might not be – then England and Wales who voted to leave get what they want, NI who voted to stay gets what it wants but Scotland, Scotland gets dragged out despite voting overwhelmingly to remain.

The compromises put forward by NS at the start of this whole sorry process were that Scotland could support a deal which allowed us to remain in the customs union and the single market. It was refused. Scotland has not heard from the UK Government at all in regards to this negotiation. And then for NI to have the concessions that Scotland needs is nothing short of the UK Government pissing all over Scotland.

Reports today remind us of freight delays, increases in the national debt, damage to working conditions, lower pay increases in pension age, threats to food standards, medicine shortages with or without a deal.

Everything we voted for in 2014 is gone. There’s no “precious union” for Scotland if there ever was. There’s no chance of “lead not leave”, the UK Government are not interested in Scotland except for the revenue it brings in. The only way to remain in the EU was apparently not by voting for staying in the Union, the family of nations was an illusion, a lie, a fabrication. A front put on for a special occasion and once that’s over, behind the net curtains everyone sits in separate rooms.

We saw glimpses of what an independent Scotland could be over the last few days. Welcoming to those who choose to come and live here, as opposed to the harsh unyielding uncaring and nonsensical policies of the UK Government.

Offering radical solutions to drug policy based BnB on real research not simply a punitive crime supporting policy which is failing again and again.

A recognition that pension levels are at poverty level and a commitment to ensure that pensions in an independent Scotland meet the European average -around £350 a week.

A Social security system that does not demonise or stigmatise those who cannot work or plunge them into debt and despair like universal credit but which is grounded in fairness and respect with dignity for all.

Some of these things are aspirational and some are beginning to happen now. But Scotland has been let down by the UK Government, HM Opposition who have once again let an opportunity for a VONC slip through their fingers, and the Libdems with whatever the hell they think they are doing. Scotland is choosing a different path and we are coming to that point in a yellow wood where we have to choose. Independence is the “Road less travelled” but to make a difference we MUST take it. *


Apologies to Robert Frost – The Road not taken.

Follow the yellow brick road!


Well after being dead in the water a few days ago, we now have a pathway to a deal. Word is that it includes chucking the DUP under a bus, a border in the Irish Sea and a customs union for NI.

Every single red line that was drawn will have been rubbed out. The telegraph yesterday published a piece which said Norther Ireland is a burden and a “millstone round our necks”. So much for precious unions then folks.

Brexit is the holy grail. All else

Pales into insignificance in the face of this policy. A policy which has come about as a result of trying to resolve internal Tory squabbles. The level of incompetence is staggering. There are no guarantees of course. And no detail as yet about what this potential deal looks like, but the hint of a deal is enough to get the Tory Rebels of the back of the PM. If there is the chance of a deal a Vote of No Confidence is unlikely to happen before the EU Summit next week.

Andrea Leadsome said over the weekend that the PM would sign a letter for an extension and then immediately send another one saying he didn’t want an extension. That will be breaking the law but as Boris sees himself as above the law – and even the queen who he is apparently going to tell she can’t sack him.

The PM also has not responded sufficiently to the requests for information about the appropriateness of his dealings with Jennifer Acuri. Of course he hasn’t. He is a liar and a cheat. But hey Brexit…

Yesterday we also saw Brandon Lewis – the Home office minister say categorically that in terms of No Deal all EU residents without settled status who are still here in 2021 will be rounded up and shot. Well detained and deported actually but I bet many of you reading that didn’t flinch – that’s how crazy this whole thing is.

Labour and the Libdems are still squabbling over who gets to be in charge and pick the teams and the chances of a vote of no confidence is receding into the distance.

Meanwhile in Scotland our friend received her right to remain here in Scotland where she has lived for many years, where she has worked, paid taxes and contributed not just financially but in unmeasureable ways as a much loved member of our community and part of our Scottish tapestry of life. It is unforgivable that the Home Office have subjected her to such an ordeal and we are delighted that it is now over for her.

This week has also seen the Transport Bill make it’s way through the Scottish Parliament. This Bill will give the power to local authorities to run public transport systems – a power that was removed by Thatcher, it also includes the Workplace Parking Levy and a ban on Parking on pavements. The Workplace Peking levy is being portrayed by the howling Tories as a tax on poor people. It isn’t. It is a power which will be given to Local authorities to charge companies for car parking spaces which they have for staff. It may not be universally popular and but it is necessary to tackle congestion and pollution in our cities. It’s also proper governmental work which is surely a “thank god” moment as we are seeing the Scottish Parliament do the day job.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Next week it’s the queens speech and the EU meeting. I can’t wait she says with a sarcastic tone to her voice.



So…. Brexit

Well guys today I am graduating with a first class honours degree in Sustainable Development which I completed over four years with UHI.

Ive had an amazing four years and my confidence, my credibility and my knowledge increased by an amazing amount. It has truly been one of the best things I ever did. And as an aside it would not have been remotely possible without free tuition fees.

I’m 55. So in reality, I’m not heading off for a fancy new life in another city like I’m sure many of my younger student colleagues will be doing and nor am I looking abroad for my next step. If I was 25 I would indeed be doing so.

Brexit is already making this harder. For our young people, our best and brightest wanting to change the world with their knowledge and innovation, Brexit curtails that. I saw reported this week that the UK is failing to attract the best people to our universities, to study, teach and to influence the next generation of learners. If as an academic from another EU country, you apply to a university in many parts of England just now, before you get to submit your application form, a pop up notice appears which states words to the effect – you are unlikely to get a visa for this job and we cannot guarantee to sponsor you. In other words away you go!

For years our young people have taken part in Erasmus programmes – the opportunity for students to live study work in another European country. Extra funding is provided for them to fully participate in that experience. It’s an amazing programme which makes real and measurable differences to those taking part. How do we do that if we are outside the EU?

Brexit will, without a doubt, reduce the ability of our young people to achieve an international potential and if will affect the excellence of our universities.

Today, for me this is not the beginning of a new international chapter in my life and that’s ok because I don’t want that. My home, my friends, my life is here. But for those politicians that think reducing opportunities, damaging international relationships and limiting both students and universities with a ridiculous and damaging No Deal Brexit is worth it – You are wrong and you need to have a word with yourselves. Shame on you

Meanwhile in Scotland, we are heading back to the courts in the next step to holding the PM to account and preventing a No deal Brexit. Thank goodness for Scottish law eh.

And talking of Scottish Law, yesterday saw Scotland confirm the ban on Fracking will continue and also pass the Bill which prevents the smacking of children.

Scotland is an outward looking, progressive country and we don’t want the wings of our brightest children clipped. We want them to achieve as much as they can wherever they want to be because when they succeed, we succeed. Brexit will damage that


Off the rails

So … Brexit

More carry on and sleight of hand by the darling of the deluded and dangerous. We shall see what the EU make of his plan for the Irish Border in the coming days. Meanwhile he is proroguing Parliament again – and that’s ok – there’s to be a queens speech after all. This seems to be a normal run of the mill Proroguation until you realise it’s taking place from next Tuesday. This will ensure Boris is not held to account at PMQs. He has only attended ONE session of PMQs since he took up post. That’s in no way accountable to our elected representatives. But then why would we expect anything different.

If you saw his speech yesterday at the Tory conference then you will have seen so many lies and untrue assertions that this piece would be several pages long if I was to list them.

The PM and his conference have spun an “Emperor’s New Clothes” politics and we will all be the losers.

The Libdems are still holding out on any sort of collaboration to bring a Vote of No Confidence. Jamie Stone is being hammered for appearing to say that if it came down to Corbyn as PM or No Deal it would be No deal. I’m not sure that’s what he meant to say but Paul Sweeney seemed a bit dumbstruck.

Liz Truss told BBC Radio 5live that she didn’t know how we would leave without a deal because she (and the rest of the cabinet) hadn’t been told.

They literally have no idea.

Meanwhile in Scotland today we have the chance of outlawing smacking of children. A truly progressive piece of legislation.

The unicorn fell off the coat of arms also yesterday – it obviously heard me call it in my previous blog.😉

Labour Twitter is also having a right go over a vote in Parliament yesterday about the chance to nationalise the railways, suggesting that the SNP voted against their proposal in order to prevent a publicly owned train service.

Sounds bad right? Well until you realise that in order to make that happen Labour’s idea was to hand control over our railways back to the UK Government. Like THATS ever a good idea especially with Tories riding high in the polls and the chance of a Labour government reducing by the day.

In the same debate the SNP put forward an amended motion in support of a nationalised railway in Scotland by Scotland highlighting that the work to achieve this is already underway and Scottish Labour know that.

What is it about these UK Parties that they think we are stupid???

Labour have consistently failed to support the devolution of powers to enable Scotland to achieve real change and not just on our railways. They want to hand our railway over to the UK Government who’s existing rail networks are measurably worse than Scotrail because that’s better than equipping Scotland with the powers to do what is right for Scotland

No bloody change there then


The Emperor’s New Clothes

So… Brexit

Buckle up, pour yourself a coffee and sit comfortably – it’s a long one today! It’s reported the the Prime Minister has a PLAN!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! A plan to avoid the Irish Backstop and a plan to avoid asking for an extension and he is going to announce it today.

Apparently the plan to avoid an Irish Backstop involves replacing a seamless border between Ireland and Northern Ireland with a border that is 10 to 20 miles wide and has “customs clearance sites” situated in that area. Those vehicles moving across the border would then be tracked in real time by technology that Keir Starmer points out does not exist yet.

Alternatively it is being reported that the border will effectively be in the Irish Sea for six years, then revert to a border ten miles wide before being magicked away by the leprechauns that have as much idea about how to conjure a solution out of thin air as the PM appears to have.

It’s all conjecture of course, perhaps to direct us away from the edifying spectacle that was the Tory Party conference with Scottish Tories deciding to support Boris Johnson’s No deal Brexit, complaining the the UK government “gave us back” Edinburgh Castle after devolution (not true actually HES took over running the castle long before that) and that this was a mistake, shouting that they’ll ban Nicola Sturgeon from a climate change conference in Glasgow but allow us a few Saltire’s, Priti Patel telling people she is going to refuse them the rights her own parents had and to top it off the police had to be called to stop a fight involving one of their MPs.

Its also being reported that the PM will avoid having to ask the EU for an extension – which he is required to do remember, under the Benn Act if there is no agreed deal – by asking the EU to rule out any further extension. He is asking the EU to give him an alibi – “Me? I didn’t break the law honest – Ask THEM”.

The last few days we saw many many commentators, politicians, useful idiots try to tell us that sexual misbehaviour by our Prime Minister doesn’t matter because Brexit. The Irish Border doesn’t matter because Brexit. Lies on top of lies don’t matter because Brexit. Poor people, sick people, disabled people, refugees don’t matter because Brexit. Nothing matters, nothing, except Brexit. The only people who matter to the darling of the deluded are his wealthy friends avoiding tax laws implemented by the EU and looking to make a financial killing on a No Deal Brexit.

The SNP are urging opposition parties to get their bloody act together for a vote of no confidence. Jo Swinson is still refusing to cooperate – how the Lib Dems could happily work for five years with the Tories but refuse to work with Labour is a question to which there is no other answer except “What????” And several unprintable expletives.

How are we at the point where we have a PM who is so dishonest, so divisive yet those with the power to get rid of him are still sitting on the bloody fence. After three years of failing to hold the Tories to account they are still fighting amongst themselves.

Meanwhile in Scotland we have the Scottish courts deciding whether The Nobile Officium Powers could be used to send a letter to the EU to ask for an extension even if the PM will not.

Make no mistake folks that without independence Scotland will be punished for its role in holding this PM to account. We hear that in everything that is being mooted by Scottish Tories, and in the rhetoric from the PM himself. The PM believes that he can win a general election by painting himself as the great defender of Brexit. Asking for an extension would once have seen the death of the Tories at the polls. But the PM has managed to convince a whole swathe of people that if he has to ask for an extension that is not his fault. And folk are buying this particular brand of crap.

Without independence we will see our Parliament reduces and maybe even abolished, Scotland sidelined, refusal to provide the sort of funding we would expect from the EU, our rural and remote communities ignored unless they are a plaything for the rich. Scotland will return to the shadow it was under Thatcher – even worse to be honest. The poor poorer, work scarcer, rural protections forgotten, businesses struggling in this “emperor’s new clothes” political environment.

You know on the coat of arms Scotland’s unicorns are chained not because they are ruled by the Union but because in heraldry, Unicorns are fearsome beasts dangerous and wild, fearless. There’s a lesson to be learned from that – It’s time for us to be both fearsome and fearless too. Are you ready?



So… Brexit

Yesterday’s parliamentary business was the worst display of behaviour by a Prime Minister that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

And the worst part of it is that it was entirely deliberate, calculated and designed by the PM to be the best way to deal with the situation where he has been overruled by the judiciary and his act in proroguing Parliament has been found to be unlawful

That is the behaviour of a spoiled, playground bully. No humility, no apology, no attempt to rectify anything. He shouts and name calls and demands the the opposition “Come and have a go if they think they are hard enough” and his baying peers stand around shouting “fight fight fight”.

The language used is the language of conflict, of war – the surrender bill, traitors, betrayal. It is designed to whip up public opinion in support of a no deal Brexit by painting the PM as some sort of Churchillian saviour. This calculating and dangerous man with his bumbling Etonian idiot persona has somehow managed to persuade people that he is on their side – the side of the people – and that a no deal Brexit is a working class triumph. He wants division, he wants conflict and he wants hate to win the day. Because under all this shouting and jeering he is a right wing fascist apologist and Brexit is the jam on his sandwich. He is licking his lips at the prospect of wrenching Britain out from the EU, at closing our borders, at privatising our NHS, at removing welfare protections, entering into conflicts with the USA, at making more and more and more money whilst the rest of us wonder what hit us.

The wolves are at the door and we need to act.

There must be a vote of no confidence, the stupid Lib Dem’s must get behind the Leader of the Opposition in order to prevent a no deal Brexit. With a vote of no confidence the opposition has two weeks to form a government. Whether that’s a Jeremy Corbyn government or a Government of National Unity which asks for an extension from the EU does not matter – it must not be Boris Johnson. The SNP have made it clear they will support a confidence vote, I do not think there will be a better time and JC must not fluff this.

Meanwhile in Scotland, in a country of calm reasoned politics, where debate still happens and policies continue to be implemented and discussed, yesterday’s Climate Change Bill shone like a beacon amidst the poison from Westminster. Scotland now has a commitment to become a net zero society by 2045.

The difference between the two countries has never been more apparent. It is right that we remain in WM fighting the hate filled rhetoric of this appalling Government – for now. But the time is fast approaching when Scotland can do no more and must protect its citizens by ensuring that our vote to remain in the EU is not simply respected with concessions and compromise, but implemented. Scotland WILL be an independent country in the EU. That’s what our people voted for and Independence will make that happen.


Best foot forward – or not!

So… Brexit

And after the Supreme Court Ruling yesterday, MPs are back at Parliament.

The Supreme Court exceeded many people’s expectations with a unanimous ruling that proroguing Parliament in the way Boris Johnson did was unlawful. You’d think that the PM would be required to resign after that wouldn’t you. However, Boris Johnson says he isn’t going and despite telling us that the prorogation of Parliament was not about Brexit, the Tories are now complaining that the Supreme Court decision has been designed to stop Brexit. Which is it?

The same people who voted leave to take back control of our democracy and our courts are complaining because our courts upheld our democracy.

Some people should listen to themselves. Although the Conservative Party seem to have their fingers in their ears and be singing lalalalalaaaa so much that they can’t possibly be listening to anyone.

And what about Labour? They have been holding their conference over the last few days. Right at the start we saw the leader of momentum try to persuade the NEC to abolish the position of Deputy Leader because he doesn’t like Tom Watson and can’t get him out of the post because it is an elected post. Two great democratic parties then – both trying to thwart democracy in their own way.

They went on to announce several policies straight from SNP manifestos- free personal care, free Tuition fees and free prescriptions amongst other things – and settling their Brexit position, uniting the party and putting their best foot forward for a General Election – left foot first….. hmmm maybe right foot first… no no it’s left… definitely ..erm left …. no it’s absolutely the right foot. And they just end up going nowhere.

They have decided (if I’ve got this right) the following

– to stop a no deal Brexit by not agreeing to an election and not holding a vote of no confidence

– In the event of a GE they would campaign for a second referendum

– If there was a second referendum with remain on the paper and the deal that JC says he would agree with the EU.

– Then they would support both leave and remain and neither leave nor remain with JC firmly where he has always been – on the fence.

I can’t help thinking this has gifted the General Election to the Tories. What happens when you try to be all things to all people is that you end up being nothing to anyone. I hope I’m wrong but I’m not sure I will be.

Meanwhile in Scotland the labour leader Richard Leonard ties himself in knots – as usual – and shows that Labour would not recognise a mandate if it hit him in the face. He tried to argue that even if the Scottish people voted again for a majority Of Indy supporting MSPs at the next election. It would not be a mandate for a second referendum. He mumbled some crap about polls and shuffled his feet – left foot first … no…. right foot first …. no …left foot first – ach you get the picture. Going nowhere – as usual.

And as the nights are drawing in, we are starting to set the fire for the chilly evenings that are coming along, clearing shelves to make way for the food that we need to stockpile in case of no deal the only clear voice is that of Scotland – we voted to remain. We want to remain and our government will not support any form of Brexit that leaves Scotland and its people worse off. Clarity and determination. Scotland is marching onward – one foot in front of the other, looking ahead to better days when we will be able to make our own decisions, choose our own priorities and be an outward looking independent progressive nation.


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