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Judgement Day

So…… today’s vote.

Today we have the vote which was delayed by Theresa May before Christmas. The vote is to decide whether the UK accepts Mays negotiated deal with the EU. All the pointers say she’ll lose the vote but why?

Well, simplistically, the deal is hated by hard brexiteers because of the Northern ireland Backstop and because they think it makes too many concessions to the EU.

It’s hated by remain or soft Brexit supporting MPs because it will damage the economy by 6% making us worse off by taking us out of the single movement and out of the customs union.

The SNP MPs will vote against this bill because it is bad for Scotland. It will damage our economy, make Northern Ireland a much more attractive place to do business, end freedom of movement which we need for jobs to be filled and to enable Scots to have choices and fulfil their potential by living and working abroad. And most importantly – Scotland voted to remain.

The Green MP will vote against it, I would expect the Lib Dem’s to vote against it and the DUP because of the backstop. But then all bets are off.

The Labour Party can’t decide between themselves what they want to happen, some for the deal, some against the deal, some want a general election, some a people’s vote, some just want to leave, some to remain.

The Tories are also a mess on this. Vote against the deal and we might see Jeremy Corbyn take centre stage and they don’t want that. Vote for the deal and we don’t have a proper Brexit and they don’t want that.

So it’s anyone’s guess. But Scotland’s voice will be, as usual, ignored . During this whole process – 2 years – any suggestions Scotland has put forward and there have been several- have been ignored and today will be no different.
In or out of Europe Scotland is repeatedly treated like it has nothing to say of any importance.

I’m expecting May to lose the vote, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins, because above all else, those in power want to cling onto power, whatever the result is Scotland will have to do as we are told, like it or not.

That’s no way to grow a strong successful fair society.


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