I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Something different!

So…. Re-enactment Weekends!

Today we are all shattered, smelly and sunburnt after a weekend at Aberdour Castle putting on a re-enactment show with The Historic Saltire Society. I’ve been doing this for 13 years, John for 16 and the wee ones all their lives.

This morning I asked Fi how she was feeling when she slipped into our bed with her sleepy morning not quite awake head after a hot sweaty hard worked show. You know what she said? Loved!

So, the aches, the sunburn, the smelly feet pale into insignificance besides that one word. Loved.

That’s what re-enactment with our group is for her. Her whole life has been spent knowing so many of these wonderful, creative, hard working people, they have kept her safe during shows, they have fed her, entertained her, comforted her, protected her, supported her, teased her and loved her every summer since she was born.

This weekend we welcomed new people into our group she made new friends and had more new experiences.

John-Hamish too – New friends to entertain with his stories of Greek mythology, his ability to talk to members of the public and share his knowledge of weapons and armour saw several rounds of applause and we see his kindness and his talent for connecting with people and making friends shine through. He doesn’t much like the tidying up though but, like Fi, he has been around these lovely folk all his life. When he gets told to do something by Jamie or Nick he jumps to it (ish).

Our group is not perfect – we don’t all get on ALL the time, like any close knit group we have some who like to do their own thing, some who are the life and soul of the campfire evenings, some who arrive early and leave last and some who can only come for a day. We have optimists and pessimists, procrastinators and short tempers, we have open immediately friendly people and those who it takes a bit longer to get to know. We fall out… over plans for the group, over authenticity, over history, over who’s doing what but rarely do we see a true and lasting unpleasantness. Sometimes we have people who come along, join in and don’t think it’s for them, maybe we can be cliquey, maybe we can be a bit overwhelming, maybe they just think we are weird but you know something, all this blogging about the difficulties of the political strife we are living through, means that life can sometimes feel a bit bleak. Work is hard, uni is hard, activism is hard, sometimes it feels relentless. Being amongst this group of people from all sorts of backgrounds, different nationalities, different abilities, different hopes and dreams, walking around in bare feet on grass in a wimple and a sun hat soothed my soul this weekend and left my children feeling loved.

I’ll take that!


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