I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

The only show in town

So….. Brexit

Time marches on, and we are

Seeing some quite startling developments in the battle which is Brexit. I can’t promise this isn’t going to be a lengthy post – I should write more often but to be honest it can quite spoil my day to focus on this utter pile of shit so I don’t.

Let’s see – where to start?

Labour? With its carry on over anti semitism, continuing confusion about its Brexit position and promises from Richard Leonard that Scotland will get further powers with a Corbyn Government, despite refusing point blank at every FMQs to support calls for welfare and other powers to be devolved – that’ll be someday, one day, never. Labour is as effective at opposing the Government as Canute was at stopping the tides.

How about the Libdems? It’s got to be the least interesting leadership contest in the world – and that’s the most interesting thing you can say about it so…. meh.

What about ChangeUK? Who?

Well, the Brexit Party then – well, they are busy appointing Brexit Party candidates for a potential General Election but they aren’t announcing any names just showing us a few faces. Seems like it’s a couple of Rochdale councillors and a few ex members of the old RCP – the Revolutionary Communist Party – I know! I don’t have the knowledge or the time to explore the whys and wherefores of the way that the RCP has joined with the Brexit party but it sounds more interesting than the Libdems leadership contest at least! It’s on the list!

So to the headline act- the Tories! And unfortunately they remain the headline act for all the wrong reasons. And all the wrong reasons are Boris Johnson.

Despite a pretty awful performance in the tv debates, despite police visits to the flat he shares and unsettling reports of a loud and alarming fight with his partner, despite failing to stand up for a well respected and experienced diplomat, despite

Lies, half truths and bluster and bombast, Boris remains the darling of the deluded.

Apparently Boris is the one to deliver Brexit by October 31st

Boris is the one to strike the best trade deal with the US.

Boris is the one to unite the United Kingdom

Boris is the one – the only one – the one and only – the next British Prime Minister.

But in this rush to paint him as our greatest hope they have ignored that he is also the one who has created the situation where a previous Conservative prime minister has promised to take him to court if he tries to prorogue Parliament.

They are also ignoring the lies told to Secure a Brexit victory that no one – including him – knew what to do with once they got it. And ignoring the fact that as the worst Foreign Secretary we have ever had he has left a woman languishing in an Iranian jail, a husband missing his wife, a child missing their mother.

But none of that matters. The illusion of Boris as Britannia Unchained persuades the very few that will vote for the next Prime Minister that he is the answer and the rest of us recognise that we are fucked.

Meanwhile in Scotland, we watch the antics in Westminster with increasing incredulity. Even the normally buoyant Ruth Davidson must be thanking everything she can that Parliament is in recess – imagine facing FMQs with all this going on.

We have been told by Boris (and Jeremy Hunt although no one really cares what he says) that no way, no how, never are we getting a second Independence referendum. That we have to suck it up and do as we are told. Theresa May is sending Lord Andrew Dunlop to “strengthen the Union”. Anyone who thinks that is not code for “stopping Holyrood” is kidding themselves.

Contrast this review by an unelected Peer of the realm – the supposed architect of Thatcher’s Poll Tax – with the Scottish Government’s Citizen Assemblies, an opportunity for ordinary people to have their say about the sort of Scotland we want – in or out of the UK or the EU. No surprise that the Tories don’t want to hear from ordinary people and would rather hear from someone like Dunlop. Privileged and wealthy and has not lived in Scotland for years.

The SG is busy building the foundations for a more inclusive fairer society – giving the vote to everyone who lives here, mitigating Tory policies, fighting for an endless queue of individuals at risk of draconian immigration policies like Lizanne Zietsman, running a business, contributing to our community on the Isle of Arran who is threatened with deportation this week. It is hard to watch these human dramas playing out whilst Boris and the Tories play their elitist gambling games with Britain’s Future.

Remember them when we are faced with our choice for an Independent Scotland.


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