I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Brexit and it’s merry band

So… Brexit

I have avoided doing a Brexit update for a while. It’s such a mess and so ridiculous to watch politicians trying to out Brexit each other, especially when those politicians are Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

Could there be a worse side show? It’s like watching a car crash in action – slowly – like those videos of cats sliding on ice – you can see what’s going to happen but know that absolutely nothing can be done to stop it.

And what’s going to happen is a No Deal Brexit. As their initial hints and suggestions around proroguing parliament and stuffing it to Europe, have received support from their xenophobically blinkered members, they have ramped up the rhetoric. Today’s offering being that we would just withhold the money we owe the EU until they did what we Goddam want them to do.

Snapping at their heels, of course is Farage and his merry band of bullshitters, like that sinister cruel kid that goads others into doing stuff that will get them in trouble and then saunters off sniggering whilst the other kid gets a row. The adult in the room usually calls them back and holds them accountable for their part in the episode but in the UK, today, there is no adult. Parliament is heading for recess, Corbyn is that adult everyone ignores – he is certainly not the one snapping at heels! The SNP are doing their best but Johnson and Hunt ( and the rest of the Tories) have their fingers in their ears singing La la la la laaaa which incidentally allows them to ignore the trade deal the EU have just signed with South America. Yep that’s the fourth since the Brexit referendum. Hellooooo

Meanwhile in Scotland, work on reducing poverty continues. A new benefit for families is being brought forward to try to tackle child poverty. Whilst the big powers over poverty remain with the UK Government it is really important the SG act where they can. This was great listening by the SG and a much better response than a fiver on Child Benefit.

The last few weeks of this session of the Scottish Parliament have seen some serious work. The fuel poverty bill, the human tissue bill, the vulnerable witness bill, money for mental health for new mums, free period products in schools and colleges, a new homelessness action plan, Franks Law, justice system reforms and other work to try to ensure Scotland is the best place to live for all its people.

And yet, as we see the 20th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament celebrated, there is a real sense that the Tory leadership campaign is threatening our ability to go our own way. Threats to bring us into line with WM, to stamp the union stamp on everything we do, to stop us spoiling their party by doing what’s best for Scotland are getting louder. Scotland will not be ALLOWED to choose our own way. We WILL be dragged out of the EU even though we voted overwhelmingly to remain. No partnership of equals, it is increasingly clear that the UK Government sees Scotland as its colonial possession. And make absolutely no mistake, that threatens our Parliament, our powers and our potential.


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