I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Handbags, Hats and Tiaras

So…. Brexit

Annnnnd talks are still continuing ….

Remember I told you a little while ago that George Galloway joined Farage’s Brexit Party? I said I was surprised he wasn’t a candidate! Well guess what the word on the street is? Apparently George has told Farage he wants to stand for the Brexit Party at the Peterborough by election and if they won’t have him he’ll stand as an independent. No surprises there then! George Galloway never does anything unless it’s for the glorification of George Galloway.

He has more faces than a town hall clock.

(I love that saying and it’s so perfect for GG that I can’t talk about him without saying it)

Another self Promoting Brexit empowered nonentity was in the North West yesterday. The racist Tommy Robinson was all over social media ( not his own account of course as he is banned for pedalling hate).

Unfortunately for him his social media presence was largely compiled of him being given short shrift by people in Salford and Bury. The film of him running away from anti fascists in Bury cheered my heart.

We had PMQs yesterday and TM was her usual incoherent self. I’m not sure that she even answered one single question properly.

Labour appear to be trying to put themselves forward as all things to all people and failing. The anti semitism thing rumbles on, true or not true – I can’t even tell anymore – it is a troubling issue for them and for us.

Oh and the Queens speech is being delayed til we have Brexit sorted apparently. The Queen must be a bit like my Grandma I think. She used to keep a hat by the front door and if there was a knock on the door she would put her hat on before she answered it. If it was someone she wanted to see she would say “oooh I’ve just come in”, if not she would say “sorry I’m just going out”. I’m sure for the Queen it’s a tiara or a crown or something but I bet she’s up to the same stuff. “OMG it’s Teresa May at the door quick pass my handbag and that crown over there. I’m on my way to the shops”.

Meanwhile in Scotland, we have a new target on climate change after NS announced a climate change emergency at the weekend.

The home office have been accused of racial profiling after spot checks in Glasgow (which appear to be stopping people on the street to ask their immigration status) showed that 40% of the people they stopped were British citizens. The average figure is 5% and immigration officials are not allowed to pick someone because of the colour of their skin. Aamar Anwar said

“What these statistics show is that people of colour can never expect to be considered British citizens when we have a Home Office hell bent on imposing a racist hostile environment.

“Racial profiling is exactly what the Home Office is engaged in – such a policy leads to a climate of fear, where innocent people are targeted because of the colour of their skin. There should be no real surprise that the Home Office conducts itself in such a manner when they continue with unlawful deportations and racist policies which gave us Windrush.”

And he is right!

Finally the row over currency continues – I say row but actually it’s just howling at the moon by people who think Scotland is too poor, too wee and too stupid to do anything for themselves.

Can’t use the £ – not true

Have to use the € – not true (but what’s the problem with that anyway?)

Can’t have your own currency – not true

The people that argue these things are saying that Scotland with its top universities, it’s financial services sector, it’s history of innovation uniquely amongst all the countries of the world will be unable to have a currency which works.



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