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The road to no deal?

So….. Brexit and Britain this morning

Are the laughing stock of the whole world!

And continuing to leave me speechless with disbelief at the antics at Westminster.

Yesterday after 7 hours and more of meetings, the best Theresa May could do was “Ask Jeremy Corbyn”. Actually this was more like – let’s blame Jeremy Corbyn because make no mistake that’s what’s going on. And it’s part of the whole pass the buck game that Theresa May is playing just now.

So let’s be completely clear – despite Theresa May’s invitation there is no evidence that she is looking for a compromise – just a sleight of hand to get her crappy deal through.

She said yesterday that the withdrawal agreement must form the basis of any compromise they come to so that means that the only compromise can be on the political agreement going forward. As TM is not going to be responsible for that then JC will not be able to be certain that would be honoured in the light of a new Staunch Brexiteer PM – Gove or Johnson.

In addition, if there was any sense of compromise then TM would have invited the leaders of the devolved Governments along too. But of course she hasn’t. She has no interest in compromise at all. Just in getting her deal through Parliament.

Understand this, if she can agree with Jeremy Corbyn before April 10th she can ask for an extension to May 22nd and no further. This will mean we will not have to take part in the EU elections. April 12th is the last date we can pass the legislation for EU elections. If we do not do this then even if talks with JC fail we are in a position where it has to be May’s deal or no deal because we cannot be in the EU without undertaking elections.

This has every hallmark of a trap unless of course it is what JC wants too. He can then say to his remain MPs “Look I tried – I did my best”.

Time will tell!

In other news from south of the border we hear that May whipped her MPs to vote against the Boles deal because a Common Market 2 deal would remove the arguments against Scottish Independence – namely that with Scotland in the EU and the UK out of the EU trade with the rest of the UK is just too hard.

Yesterday also saw the conviction reported of a Right Wing activist who plotted to kill a Labour MP – Rosie Cooper.

We also saw some pro Brexit nationalist place some obstructions on train lines to disrupt services.

We saw fascist Tommy Robinson speaking at a rally in Westminster at weekend just yards from the cenotaph which commemorates those who died fighting fascism.

We saw Jacob Rees-Mogg tweet support for a far right German party – AfD and defend that on Radio 4 this morning.

We saw British Soldiers using a picture of Jeremy Corbyn – the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition – as target practice on a firing range.

And finally, we have seen a judge in an English court say that it is a fundamental human right to have sex with his wife – regardless of the ability of said wife to consent or not. This in the same week that Scotland passed landmark legislation to support those experiencing domestic abuse.

Meanwhile, in Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has travelled to Westminster to try to get a meeting with Theresa May to ensure that Scotland’s voice is heard in these “compromises” that she is considering.

Tory election leaflets have been dropping through letter boxes telling us all how Ruth Davidson and the Tories are going to beat the SNP everywhere in Scotland. The most unpalatable must be the picture attached taken in Fallin. Fallin was the home to Polmaise Colliery which was the first out in the Miners Strike in 1984 and the last back in 1985. In 1987 it was announced that the pit would close. The miners arranged a meeting to look at buying the colliery – always one of the most productive collieries in the country – two days later the pit was closed. A community devastated, the economy ruined for years and today that community still feels the effects 40 years later. But for today’s Tories it’s a smiling photo opportunity.

And in Today’s PMQs it took 15 minutes to get to Brexit and it took the SNP to raise it. TM said the strong voices for Scotland are the Scottish Tory MPs – those MPs who have continually and consistently voted for TMs Deal and to take us out of the EU despite Scotland voting by 62% to remain.

Standing up for themselves it appears.


So… Brexit!

Jeezo what a mess. No option won a vote again!

The customs union came closest, but this would be disastrous for Scotland as it does not include free movement of people.

After some further clarification it was clear that the common market 2.0 option did indeed include free movement but that was defeated too.

The 2nd referendum failed and Labour whipped to abstain on the revoke article 50 in the event of no deal Brexit.

Now make no mistake, the fault for all of this lies with the Tories. When you look at the voting picture it’s clear that it is the Tories that refuse to compromise, refuse to consider any alternative to their entrenched position and Theresa May’s red lines. We can witter on about the actions of a few MPs on opposition benches but it is clearly the Tories that are entrenched in their positions and failing to consider other options.

However, the motion to revoke article 50 in the event of no deal was actually the most important of the night and the next few days. It is more likely that we are heading for a no deal Brexit than it was last week. The leaking of a letter from TMs cabinet Secretary to ministers makes it clear the scale of the problems that no deal will cause – food price rises, defence, Northern Ireland – a huge mess. But last night Keir Starmer sad Labour thinks that “Now is not the time” to prevent no deal. Well, thanks for that Labour. 10 days to go.

I have no clue what happens now but I rather think we will see meaningful vote 4 as TM tries to push her deal through again. I’m not sure why Labour haven’t called for another vote of no confidence in TM. Without that the chances of a General Election are not great, especially if the Tories think they can’t win. In the meantime, idiot Tory Brexiteers suck up to far right groups in Germany and other countries, and idiot Tory Brexiteers say that yesterday’s attempt to work through this was some sort of coup.

There is apparently a five hour cabinet meeting today to try to resolve some of these issues. Anyone expecting a “Peace in our Time” sort of speech?

Meanwhile in Scotland Ian Blackford pointed out that, regardless of the majority of Scottish MPs compromising by voting for Common Market 2, working out a motion to protect the whole of the UK from a disastrous no deal, they are absolutely powerless to get anything which approaches the right thing for Scotland.

That’s not a partnership of equals folks… it’s a shit show.


April Fools Day

So … Brexit

Today we see another round of indicative votes – who knows what’s going to happen.

There are a variety of options including

leaving the EU with No Deal and amending the withdrawal agreement to remove the backstop.

A permanent customs union which doesn’t include the Sningle Market or freedom of movement.

Common Market 2.0 which is basically EFTA and EEA membership, which includes single market participation and a customs arrangement but again – freedom of movement of goods but not specifically people.

Confirmatory Public vote which would allow a second referendum on any particular deal

A public vote to prevent a no deal

An extension to the Process and if not possible revoke Article 50

And a slightly different EFTA membership with an extension to EU membership to allow that to happen.

In the meantime the Conservatives are squabbling over whether to hold a General Election and who will be their leader. Its clear that their leader would be likely to be a hard line Brexiteer and indeed, it is Boris who is topping the leader board just now although Michael Gove is another favourite. The delightful Esther McVey is in the mix too – God help us all. She who complains that poor people are prioritising phones over food when she is the minister who presided over benefits services sanctioning people for not having phones topped up.


The Labour Party aren’t doing much better – who knows what they stand for, who has any idea what would be in their manifesto and what position they would take. Our only real indication is the comment from last week that Labour is not a party for Remain. How they think they can sell that in Scotland is anyone’s guess.

Theresa May has indicated that she will bring her deal back to Parliament tomorrow.


And no – that’s not a an April Fool. Honestly!

It looks like last month’s left overs slowly turning fluffy with mould on a plate which you stuck on top of a cupboard cos you had visitors and hadn’t done the washing up and then forgot about.

Meanwhile in Scotland… The ScottishTories are discussing how they can leave the UK party whilst their MPs vote for everything the UK Party do and fail to stand up for Scotland at every step.

Murdo Fraser wrote an incisive article on Friday about the clocks going forward. Yep – he wrote an article about the EU forcing us to abandon the time changes on Friday whislt the rest of us were wondering what the hell was happening with TMs deal Murdo was worrying about the clocks, and car parks – let’s not forget car parks.

Labour were getting their knickers in a twist over a rather nice wee video about Scotland with Paul ”we didn’t abstain on welfare” Sweeney saying it was “bourgeoisie” and having a dig at the presenters(Scottish) accent.

This video said that Scotland was open for Business and wanted to continue close relationships with Europe.

Paul didn’t like it one bit. He did some sneering at it, whilst insisting that he is for solidarity with the working class across Europe – as a member of a party who want to leave Europe that’s a bit of a bloody cheek I would suggest. Even individual Labour MPs have no idea what hat they are wearing.

Prescriptions are not rising today in Scotland. That’s good news because today in England, having a prescription will cost £9 per item as the cost increases.

Today also, the New Domestic Abuse legislation comes into effect in Scotland, introducing a new offence of coercive and controlling behaviour putting Scotland at the forefront of the fight against Domestic abuse just as it is in tackling Knife Crime.

We should be rightly proud of this and its more evidence of what we can achieve with the limitations we have imagine what we can achieve when we are independent.


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