I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

What’s next?

So…. Brexit

Well guys nothing concrete is emerging from anywhere like “official” channels on Brexit.

However, there are a few things worth highlighting. Reports are that the talks between Corbyn and May have not reached any agreement and not likely to do so. I rather imagine that they are by now sitting across the table glowering at each other, having to put themselves through this for appearances sake with their teams sat behind them playing candy crush or texting their partners saying “OMG I’m losing the will to LIVE”.

In the meantime, the 1922 committee is looking at changing the rules so they can hold another vote of no confidence in TM. Remember they did that last year and so she is currently safe from another challenge for a year. Not any longer apparently. There’s a meeting on Wednesday to see if a rule change can be made. It’s incredible that she has stayed this long in the face of such division within her party. She must be in an awfully lonely place.

We also appear to be facing the imminent reappearance of the Withdrawal Bill to Parliament for the 7,345th time. No? It just feels like that. It’s suggested that TM will strip out the NI Backstop to see if that can make a difference but I think she could dress it up as a white fluffy kitten with a bow and big eyes and it would still be as appealing as last nights left over cold fish supper that the dog had a scoff at and slobbered all over.

Talking about division, the Labour Party has still not decided on their Brexit position. Several meetings of internal committees appear to have taken place, and the NEC will meet on Tuesday to finally agree a position on a 2nd confirmatory referendum, or not, well maybe, perhaps, who knows.

I’m also utterly appalled to see Tommy Robinson being touted as a candidate for the European elections in the North West. Robinson is a thug, a bully and a racist with criminal convictions. He is a liar and a disgusting excuse for a man. The idea that he should be a representative of the UK in Europe, that he should represent the hard working, plain speaking people of the North West of England, regardless of their opinions on Brexit, makes me feel sick.

Meanwhile in Scotland, Our FM made a statement to Parliament which said that we will have a referendum on independence during this parliamentary session. That’s before 2021.

Scotland, ignored, sidelined and patronised will not be dragged out of the EU against our will. It is becoming absolutely clear across the EU that Scotland will be able to be independent inside Europe with no fuss.

Of course the Tories were apoplectic and the deputy PM said no way will Scotland get a Section 30 order. Some obnoxious actor on question time last night said that Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland “must be kept in line” and lots of muttering about no appetite for independence. NS has pointedly remarked that “I’m not going to spend any time bothering about the diktats of a government with zero authority or credibility that I fully expect will be out of office before too long”.

Well we shall see. The SG is setting up Citizens Assemblies which will explore the issues facing an independent Scotland and how we begin to build a better fairer place for us all.

What a hopeful and empowering way to move forward and open a discussion on the future. What a contrast with WM and the way the UK Government approaches things.


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