I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Another day another date

So… Brexit…

Well guys we aren’t leaving tomorrow after all. Anyone surprised? Thought not.

The EU have agreed to an extension of Article 50 to Halloween. Whilst TM wanted one until the end of June the EU offered the end of October for all the reasons we discussed yesterday. Plus probably the chance to see the UK in the TM zombie costumes for Halloween was too good an opportunity to be missed.

Apparently TM gave a one hour presentation which set out why she wanted the extension to end of June and then she was sent to sit outside until the 27 countries had decided.

So much for taking back control. In those 27 countries were several that are smaller than Scotland. Their voices were included in the debate, their opinions considered, their votes counted and they were part of the decision making process. Contrast that with Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom, sidelined, ignored, overlooked and so many attempts to silence our voices in Parliament. For those who say they don’t understand why people want independence but want to stay in the EU – there is your answer – as clear as day!

So this means that we will take part in EU elections. Probably the most important EU elections we have ever seen. Make sure that you are registered to vote folks. And vote for pro EU parties. This is especially important in Scotland where I will be urging people to vote SNP but across England too. Vote for pro EU parties and you take away the power from the hard Brexiteers. Perfidious Albion and her backing group of odd balls and misfits will be looking to see big wins for the right wing horror shows like UKIP featuring Tommy Robinson and his group of fascists, and Nigel Farage’s Brexit party. Mobilise to make sure that doesn’t happen.

There are of course calls for TM to resign – they can’t make her go as she’s safe for a year after the last attempt to sack her failed. She says she isn’t going, JC isn’t looking like a vote of no confidence is in his box of tricks either. TM is like that terminator mannie – the scary silver dude- every time a blow is landed she just sort of sucks herself back together and relentlessly marches on.

Meanwhile in Scotland our MPs took part in a debate on Trident. A self congratulatory debate on how wonderful it is that we have had nuclear weapons sitting on the Clyde for 50 years. How clever we are. Yayyyy for nuclear submarines!

The SNP took their principled stance against nuclear weapons. Stewart Macdonald MP spoke very well about the abomination that is Trident. They forced a vote on the issue which led to Labour abstaining and nothing from the apparently CND supporting Corbyn. Stewart also reminded the house that Scottish Labour Party have a policy to get rid of Nuclear Weapons only to be told by Wayne David who is Labour’s shadow defence minister that it “doesn’t matter” what Scotland’s Labour Party says this matter is decided by Westminster.

Nothing to do with you Scotland, you’ll do as you’re told Scotland, cough up £20 billion for nukes you don’t want Scotland, leave the EU cos we tell you to Scotland, sit down and shut up Scotland.


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One thought on “Another day another date

  1. Joanna Higgs on said:

    I’ll need to look up what the ‘vote’ around Trident was and what the result means for Scotland’s future. thanks for highlighting this! you’ll get me involved in politics yet at this rate!

    and as for mobilising re European elections; I want us all to hear truthful and accurate information, to counter the dross we will no doubt get from the likes of UKIP etc, so we can choose well. I think by telling people the right stuff it will block out the nonsense that drives people to vote for the things they didn’t know they would end up with. Again. we need to work hard at presenting the right story.

    how can I help with that?

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