I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Is this cards on the table time?

So Brexit

There is not one single positive thing I can say about yesterday.

The day was full of obfuscation and lies . We saw the Attorney General, the leader of the Opposition and the Prime minister fail in a way which shouldn’t surprise me but which surprises me every single time I see it.

So Theresa May’s deal falls – again! Jeremy Corbyn witters on about his deal which doesn’t exist anywhere except in his own head, fails to even

mention a second people’s vote which had been Labour’s policy last week and was agreed at their conference. And round we go and round we go again.

Parliament is broken. The only consistent thing that is happening is Scotland is being ignored. BBC cut Ian Blackfords speeches on both occasions yesterday. A Tory MP for a Scottish Constituency shouted out whilst Ian Blackford was speaking that Scotland isn’t a country it is a principality!! Imagine being a Scottish MP and thinking that your country doesn’t exist. That it’s history is nothing, that it’s Parliament is immaterial and that it’s ok to say that on national tv.

That Theresa May is still Prime Minister is absolutely appalling! The fact that she is is squarely the responsibility of the Leader of the opposition who has failed to capitalise on her weakness and bring her down.

Both parties have placed party squabbles ahead of their responsibility to the electorate and both are in their own way to blame for the mess we are in today.

And in Scotland, well we are fucked. Royally if we stay in this appalling empty husk of a Union where the DUP have more say over the future of Scotland than our MPs or the Scottish Government elected by us.

The report that yesterday surfaced that Nicola Sturgeon was told she wasn’t bright enough to understand the PMs deal is just a metaphor for how the UK sees Scotland. Theresa May will believe that because she has an Oxford degree she is somehow brighter and better than the rest of us and that gives her an entitlement to do what SHE wants rather than take the concerns of ordinary people into consideration. This sense of Entitlement EUs theough this Government and many on the opposition benches like Blackpool runs through a stick of Blackpool Rock.

That’s the way the UK works, because they are the UK they don’t need to listen to Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland and they are entitled to take whatever action they choose, tell whatever lies they choose, ignore us all in their drive to protect their positions of wealth and power.

So today we will watch whilst a Government which cares nothing – nada – rien – for Scotland, it’s people or our communities, particularly in our remote and rural areas decides for us whether we will take no deal off the table or not. A no deal which will be catastrophic for businesses across the Highlands and wider Scotland. And they don’t care.

Had they listened to the Scottish Government at the start, taken a cross party view, worked to establish a consensus, compromised and considered every part of the UK then we wouldn’t be 16 days away from a cliff edge Brexit.

It was the Scottish Government, SNP MPs who championed this at the start of this process and who today are continuing to call for a people’s vote as the best choice for the whole of the UK not simply Scotland. Despite this and without a doubt the SNP MUST call for another independence referendum if their heartfelt attempts to save the whole of the UK from this useless bunch of charlatans in both UK main parties fail.

Everything has changed. Scotland must change too


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