I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Edge of Tomorrow

So Brexit….

Well this is the week that was supposed to be sorting it all out. 8 weeks since the last meaningful vote and what has changed?

Let’s see


Like absolutely nothing

Despite telling us that they are negotiating and constructive steps are being taken there is absolutely nothing changing. And that’s what the EU has told us continuously since we started this process.

They have said the Backstop is Britain’s proposal, the EU agreed to it and they are not prepared to change their position in this because agreeing to the backstop was already a compromise for the EU.

They EU have been baffled by the approach taken by the UK Government. I saw that Geoffrey Cox and his “cox’s codpiece” was described as a a Gilbert and Sullivan Buffoon.

Boris Johnson describes the EU as a half witted child with absolutely no self awareness that he has been one of the biggest childish buffoons in the whole business. In fact has built a career on buffoonery and a childish haircut.

Esther McVey was last night tweeting complete untruths about the EU. And Jeremy Hunt says that Brexit not happening would be a disaster for the Conservative Party, without the slightest understanding that this whole pile of nonsense starting with David Cameron’s referendum has been and will be a disaster for the whole country.

Theresa May is under pressure to pull tomorrow’s vote and there appear to be no plans to make any sort of statement to the house.

And today we see that the Bank of England is advising companies to triple their liquid assets to cope with what the Financial Times calls a “Market Meltdown”.

And Defra are writing to companies explaining that there are no guarantees that their products will be able to be exported after March 29th. Brexit is clearly putting at risk many many livelihoods.

This is the worst Government in my

Memory and I include Thatcher. They are pursuing the worst policies across a whole range of issues and yet… and yet they are still in power and people are still saying they would vote for them as Labour STILL trail in the polls.

So…. Vote? No vote? Amendment? No amendment? No deal? Deal? Article 50 extension or not? I’d like to think it will be sorted by Friday but I have no faith that will happen at all. However, if you think no deal Brexit means nothing will change then you are at best wrong and at worst completely deluded.

Meanwhile in Scotland the news this morning is that Dennis Omandi – the serving soldier at Fort George who was refused a visa to bring his daughter to live with him has heard from the home office that she will get a visa. Our MP Drew Hendry has been relentless in his support for this case and has left the Home Office with absolutely nowhere to hide from their appalling decision. The Home Office has procrastinated and lied at every turn and it is thanks to Drew that they have been held to account. I’m delighted for the family and very pleased that the SNP are standing up for us collectively and individually.

Other news is that the old Better Together Stalwarts of Darling, Brown and co have been wheeled out in the light of the suggestion that an Indy Scotland would have its own currency to tell us all that it’s a ridiculous idea.

They even brought the economist Ronald MacDonald out of storage. He said this weekend that A Scottish Currency would be an absolute disaster. Then footage was recirculated of the run up to the 2014 when the same clown says that Scotland using the pound would be a disaster and we must have a Scottish Currency. These guys change their message like they change their socks. It’s not currency that worries them, its independence. They are liars and charlatans.

The Scottish Labour Party Conference seems to have proposed federalism as their preferred view promising a stronger Scotland in the UK. Again we heard exactly this in 2014 and here we are, ignored, sidelined, our remain vote disregarded.

David Davies said that he couldn’t think of one other union IN THE WORLD, that a sovereign nation can’t get out of unless the other side says so. Hellooooo????

As all the Tories say Scotland can’t have another referendum even though our Government has a mandate and our parliament voted for it. This week will however see Ian Blackford put forward a motion to see Scotland’s remain vote respected and the power for us to hold a further referendum on Scottish Independence to be agreed.

Let’s see if they ignore that too.


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