I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Which way to turn….

So …. Brexit

So yesterday 7 labour MPs left the party and set up an “Independence Group”.

Their reasons variously include Brexit, they don’t like Jeremy Corbyn, they think the party is anti-Semitic and racist, they can’t in conscience stay in a party which they don’t believe in.

The response appears to have been a bit “meh” to be honest. Not helped by one of them Angela Smith, I think she’s called (not exactly big hitters), making the most bizarrely inept job of a tv interview where she described People as “Black and funny tinged”. I kid you not folks! There are veiled threats that more are coming and threats from Amber Rudd to the PM that 22 “important” Tories are on the brink of leaving too.

Lots of people seem to think it’s the “best thing” but best for whom?

These internal squabbles in both parties are a sideshow. They are a heap of bloody nonsense. NONE of this is best for the people of the UK. In fact opinion polls are showing Labour trailing AGAIN, behind the Tories. So you have your fall outs Labour, you do the flouncing all over the place, but you are pissing away any hopes we might have had of ever ever getting rid of the Tories.

Everyone is braying for by-elections for the Splitters Seven Seats but I have no expectation that this will happen. Labour after all, have an MP who is in Prison and there’s not been much done to organise a by election. And besides -Yoo hoo – Brexit? March 29th anyone

Neither party is remotely interested in resolving this Brexit issue. Neither! They are simply selfishly fighting amongst themselves and seeing who can piss the highest. Except it’s us they are pissing all over. It’s appalling. And it’s 42 days folk.

In other news Honda are closing their plant in Swindon. No one is really sure why as they haven’t made a statement yet but Justice Tomlinson their MP is saying it isn’t Brexit it’s the Japan EU trade deal which is allowing Japanese

Manufacturers to repatriate car plants. But it’s not Brexit and all the commentators are shouting “it’s Brexit” – more pantomime banter. Isn’t it great?

As an aside It was also quite shocking last night to watch Channel 4s despatches blame the Fire Service for the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Still no sign of Kensington council being held to account though for wrapping that building in flammable material. Reminds me a bit of when the media blamed the miners for Orgreave and the fans for Hillsborough.

We see you!

Meanwhile in Scotland, the First Minister is addressing the French Parliament. She is working hard to ensure that countries know we are “open for business”. She is presenting a Scotland that is calm and business like oh and not completely batshit crazy like the rest of them. It’s going down well except with the Scottish Tories who are as jealous as jealous can be. The contrast between Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon and the reception that they both get is striking.

The Scottish Tories must also be worried as rumours circle that the new Independence Group is going to ask Ruth Davidson to lead it.

Not a hope in hell! They called it the “independence” group. Although WFI did point out that that is likely to come with conditions – like the term independence doesn’t actually mean for other parts of the UK – Scotland, Wales or Ireland.😉

Finally The FM in France is reaffirming our support for our EU friends living here, a reminder that we can have something better in Scotland if we choose.


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