I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

A line in the snow

So…. Brexit


It’s with Lichtenstein right enough. And it seems to have come as a sort of knock on effect of the Swiss trade deal but hey, let’s not knock it. It’s a trade deal, and that takes us to …. erm… four post Brexit trade deals. It’s probably a good job though cos it looks like Gavin Williamson (he’s the defence secretary apparently – anyone remember? Nope I thought not.) has upset the possibility of a trade deal with China with his bizarre speech last week and an announcement that he will send an aircraft carrier to the South China Seas in 2021.

An airline Flybmi has collapsed, they said it was related to Carbon Credit trading related to Brexit. Leave supporting politicians and commentators said “No it’s not”. Flybmi said – erm actually yes it is and those commentators said “no it’s not”. I guess it fits right into this pantomime we are calling Brexit.

The Hostile Environment for immigrants continues to increase with the news that the home office is placing immigration officers in hospitals and other public services. We have seen racist behaviour rise after Brexit – a family in Salford had disgusting crap daubed on their front door, (back to the 70s anyone?) all this stuff about this lassie in Syria, The settled status stuff, where they have made it awkward for EU migrants to register, All this increases distrust and gives a legitimacy to the worst voices in our society, the racists, the haters. They have been encouraged and empowered and will help to shape and form the future of a post Brexit Britain.

Oh and Jim Ratcliffe – Grangemouth Ineos Mannie, another “make Britain great again” Brexit supporting multi millionaire has gone to live in Monaco. Seems like Brexit is ok for us plebs but we can’t expect RICH people to stick around for it.

Also today the Labour Party appears to be ramping up its identity crisis. Some MPs are tweeting an oath of allegiance to Jeremy Corbyn (weird or what?) whilst its being reported that others are going to announce a split from the party. It’s no wonder they are trapped in this ineffective inactivity we have been seeing if they aren’t even talking to each other!

Meanwhile In Scotland, well the sun is shining, and despite us having less than 40 days to Brexit the Tories were out in force at weekend. Campaigning against a workplace carpark levy.

Yep. Car parking!

Mike Russell however, raises again the concerns we have about our EU citizens living here and reiterates Scotland’s commitment to them https://twitter.com/theSNP/status/1096477169537220609?s=20

Our SNP MPs continue to raise the case of constituents failed by the UK welfare system. Universal Credit, PIP assessments.

People are being left behind and left with nothing. Drew Hendry and Peter Grant again making sure that these issues remain at the top of the agenda, despite Labour and the Tories wallowing in their own party difficulties at the expense of everything else.

The only party which is standing up for real issues for the people of Scotland, whoever they are is the SNP. Thank goodness for that.



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