I am a 51 year old working mum of five – not all at home thank goodness. Im a member of the Women for Independence National Executive. This Blog is growing and changing as my hopes and aspirations change. I actually DO expect to change the world but I accept that might not even make sense sometimes. I hope you enjoy the read.

Brexit Dividends

So,apparently it’s gone from Brexit Dividends and taking back control to “Do Brexit or it will let in the Far Right”. Although this is a shout out by Chris Grayling who is about as useful as a ferry company with no ferries, this is something that I have warned about since before the referendum in 2016.

I have news for Chris Grayling. They are already “in”. The years spent vilifying people from the EU and elsewhere coming to this country, the slagging off of refugees and asylum seekers, the language in our headlines, the news stories and the politicians hardlines – Theresa Mays red lines – have seen to that. The vote for Brexit emboldened the worst of our society. Now, before anyone has a go, not everyone voted for Brexit because they are a racist. I know that but make no mistakes here, Brexit has given a louder voice to the racists, the bigots and the hard right.

They are here now, never mind after a decision is made to Brexit or not to Brexit.

Those people shouting at Anna Soubry last week, at Owen Jones as he walked down the street are far right activists. They screamed in the face of Soubry and impressively she walked on with a smile on her face and didn’t flinch.

They showed their true colours that day, faced by a calm and immovable policeman their “leader?” Threatened war, and shouted at the policeman “you’re not even British”. How did he know? The policeman has a darker skin than his.

That’s all it takes. Well, that and the ridiculous antics of Sajid Jarvis calling in naval warships to fight off a threat of 12 men in two boats which he declared a national crisis. Someone phoned LBC and said that we should just sink them or shoot them. This is a minority view but a growing one and its symptomatic of the way our society blames the least powerful and the most vulnerable for the ills of the world and let’s the powerful off absolutely free. The scapegoating of EU residents as “over here taking our jobs and houses” is the lazy stereotype which I heard in the 70s about immigrants, and the 80s. It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now.

Thankfully in Scotland we have a government that condemns this sort of action and attitude in the strongest possible way. They have consistently made it clear that EU nationals are wanted and welcome not only because it makes economic sense – Scotland Needs Migrant workers – but also because they are our friends, lovers, families. Our Government has a desire to be an inclusive place where people are welcome and valued wherever they are from.

That doesn’t mean that Scotland is a utopia, there are racists and bigots here, we see that most often in the context of our football idiots. But these people are not enabled by a complicit government. They are not encouraged by politicians who stoke up hate by their inhuman, inconsiderate and frankly cruel policies.

Scotland didn’t vote for this and Scotland doesn’t want this. Looking at the UK now it is clear that as this shitty Brexit process plays out, Britain always going to be the best Scotland can hope for. Fortunately we have another choice.


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